11 Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows 10

Do you need some light resources browsers for Windows? Well, check this list of the best lightweight browsers for Windows 10.

Google Chrome is the most used browser on most operating systems, be it Windows computers or Android phones, Chrome is the favorite bet of the users. It is a great option, and it works perfectly. But, for some users and computers, it can be too heavy. Therefore, there are lightweight browsers available in the market for Windows 10.

The use of lightweight browsers is an excellent way to reduce the consumption of resources of our computer. It is also ideal for those teams with scarce resources. In this way, they can surf the net without having to suffer from operating problems on their computer. Luckily, the offer of browsers of this type has increased significantly over time.

There are increasingly more ultralight quality navigators to choose from. Then I leave you with a list of the best lightweight browsers for your PC. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Ready to meet them?


vivaldi lightweight browser

Vivaldi is a lightweight browser that has gained popularity over time. One of the most remarkable aspects of this browser is its multiple customization options, which makes it very comfortable to use since you can configure many things to your liking. Vilvadi is based on the Google Chrome engine.

Despite that, it uses much less memory. So it is an excellent option for those who use a computer that has little RAM. You can enjoy the best Chrome engine but consuming less memory.



Midori is one of the best options for those users who value the design very much. Midori is a very lightweight browser, but it stands out for its great interface. No doubt a great combination that you have to appreciate. Also, it stands out for the presence of a series of most exciting features.

It is compatible with technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Also, it is also compatible with many extensions, so you have many more customization options and get more out of its use. It is also important to note that Midori is an open source browser. A great choice, lightweight and with a great design. It is worth trying.


opera lightweight browser

Opera is a lightweight browser known by most users but also belongs to this list. It is possibly the oldest option of it. A browser that has changed a lot over time and has become much lighter. One of the best aspects of Opera is that it is lighter than Google Chrome, but it is compatible with its extensions.

Therefore, you can make use of Opera using the same extensions that you use in Chrome. So the browser change would not be so abrupt. Just opt for a lighter version that consumes fewer resources for your computer.



Qupzilla It is a lightweight browser for those users who seek maximum simplicity but without wanting to sacrifice functions. For many, Qupzilla is one of the lightest options you can find. It is a derivative of Firefox but consumes a minimum fraction of resources. So it is much less aggressive for your computer. Ideal for those with computers with fewer resources. Also, it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD.

Therefore, you can use it on any computer and operating system. It is an effortless and comfortable option. Ideal because it is straightforward and without complications, so it is a most functional browser. It is recommended.


citrio lightweight browser

Citrio focuses its operation on security so that you will get excellent performance with a significant privacy bonus. It is based on Chrome and has options such as download manager, torrent client and proxy address manager. It also has support for extensions, which helps to enhance and customize it to our liking.

Slim Browser

slim browser

Slim Browser allows excellent performance, handling everything in a secure environment. Its main attraction is that it doesn’t store any personal data and has advertising and content blocker. The security options are fully configurable, and you can enjoy a great browsing experience, without slowdowns.

Avant Browser

avant browser

Avant is a compelling lightweight browser, with a lot of options that will make us forget conventional browsers that consume a lot of resources. In that sense, you are at the forefront of the possibility of automatically blocking pop-up windows, as well as elements that absorb a large number of resources.

It is a solution focused on keeping us safe from the numerous dangers of the internet, without sacrificing performance.

Pale Moon

pale moon lightweight browser

Pale Moon is another alternative for those who love Firefox but need a lighter version. If you are one of those, Pale Moon is an excellent option for you. It is built using the Firefox source code, but maintains the previous look and eliminates few resources used to free RAM.

Your options are somewhat more limited compared to other browsers on this list. It doesn’t have support for the ActiveX code nor does it have accessibility options. But, this helps its operation to be very efficient and consumes few resources. Also, it should be noted that you can use extensions with Pale Moon.



Another option that stands out for being the lightest. Also, it is one of the fastest browsers you can find. It is thanks to the WebKit engine. Its interface is one of the simplest you can see, something that for many may be too basic also because it does not have too many extras available.

While it should be noted that SlimBoat has extensions for connection to social networks and manage downloads, if the design isn’t the most important thing for you, then it is an excellent option to consider.


yandex lightweight browser

Yandex is one of the unique and different lightweight browsers on this list. Although it may not be as light as others mentioned in this listing, it is mainly focused on discovering content. Its design is also designed to encourage reading. It is an attractive option, with a careful and different design. But, it has its limitations. This Russian project is currently only available for Windows.



K-Meleon is a lightweight browser based on the Gecko engine, developed by Mozilla and used by Firefox. It is necessary to emphasize this navigator for being very light and fast. Also, it offers many options for configuration and customization. So you can configure it to your liking to make it more comfortable for us.

K-Meleon is an open-source browser and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Currently, it is only available for Windows 32bit computers. Something that limits much more the public to which it is directed.

Wrapping Up: Lightweight Browsers for Windows

As you can see, this list of the best lightweight browsers is quite broad today. The choice depends in general on the personal tastes of each user. Based on that, I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits you best.

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Do you use any of these browsers? Do you use another lightweight browser? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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  1. yandex is the most resource hungry of the chromium-based browsers. its settings are unnecessarily too complicated even for power users and it set to render pages in russian (this can be changed but the setting is buried deep down you may not be able to find it)

    omfg why is it so hard to find a good lightweight browser now?

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