10 Best Free Video Players For Windows 10 [2019]

Do you need some good player to play your favorite videos and movies? Well, check this list of the best video players for Windows in 2019.

The computer is still our favorite place to store videos and movies that we collect over time.

Perhaps the first argument to make this decision is because we have a storage space that allows us to store any number of videos and movies even in high definition without problems.

However, to obtain the best experience, it is necessary to have a good multimedia player that supports the most popular video and audio formats video formats.

In addition to the formats, it is important to have options such as subtitles, equalizer, play DVD videos, playback controls, among other things.

So let’s see the best video players for computers. Some available for Windows XP, 7,8,10, Linux, MacOS and even Android and iOS devices.

ACG Player

Its user interface is self-explanatory and its design is perfectly aligned with the design philosophy of Windows 10 Fluency.

But that is not the only trick that ACG Player has in the sleeve.

ACG Player can play almost any conventional video format and does so in a discreet way.

In addition to streaming and screen projection, ACG Media Player also offers some customization features such as font style selection for subtitles, support for gesture settings (controls for sliding speed, sliding distance, etc.) and visual effects artistic among others.

Supported platform: Windows 10

Download | ACG Player


For many years now, VLC has been the first program for playing music and video on PC. It is not perfect, but it is free, it works, and it supports almost all the existing formats, three advantages that have led it to overcome alternatives such as QuickTime or Windows itself.

That doesn’t mean that there are no alternatives to VLC, such as 5KPlayer, a video player that puts you face with some advanced features and useful for the user, such as the possibility of using it as a program to download YouTube videos.

The operation of 5KPlayer is simple, quite similar to other media players that everyone knows. With it, you can send video directly to your TV via AirPlay without wires and organize your entire digital library, two advantages that not many offers.

However, there is no doubt that 5KPlayer is a converter of YouTube formats and videos to first level MP3, and hence its growing popularity on the Internet.

It is only available for Windows and macOS, for now, so it’s no use trying to install 5KPlayer on Android, although there are some similar apps on Google Play. You will have to wait until you see if they develop a mobile app.

Nor does it have a Linux version, although it isn’t necessary since there are other programs such as VLC in this OS that are also an alternative to 5KPlayer.

Download | 5KPlayer

Parma Video Player

Personally, I have never used a video player whose aesthetic appeal equals or surpasses Parma in its elegance, or the absolute ease of navigating its interface.

Parma Video Player is incredibly fast, either loading all media files stored locally, or using playback tools such as audio controls, encoding tools, etc.

Download | Parma Video Player

Media Player Classic- Home Cinema (MPC-HC)

video player

It is one of the most popular and best-rated video playback software.

The great diversity of tools and personalization elements that it brings are unrivaled.

  • It has features such as frame statistics, debugging and the extensive set of processor configuration tools, among others.
  • MPC-HC has support for a wide selection of audio and video codec formats from the main options such as WAV, WMA, FLV to MPEG (1,2 and 4), AAC and DivX, among others.
  • Plays with variables such as output range, color management, VSync, GPU control and audio/video decoders among a lot of other options.
  • The only downside is its interface that is outdated.
  • Compatible: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000

Download | MPC-HC

VLC Media Player

Probably one of the best video players in the world. VLC can play almost all multimedia formats.

The application has excellent support for subtitles, equalizer, playback controls, and multimedia formats.

If you need any feature that you do not currently have the player, it is possible to find a plugin for the task.

VLC is open source and is available in two forms, the first is the traditional version, it runs as desktop software, and the other is the Windows App, which is available in the Windows store.

Although both versions have a certain similarity, I recommend downloading the traditional version, since it has more features.

Download | VLC Player


kmpplayer video player

KMPlayer is a video player with some travel in many internet forums. For that reason, i decided to include it on this list.

Currently, there are quite a few free video players that play many formats and that are ready to be used as soon as they are downloaded and installed. Then there are others that only play specific formats and need codecs to work correctly. Well, according to the KMPlayer website, this belongs to the first group, to the free players that play any multimedia file without the need to install any additional codec thanks to its internal codecs.

Besides, KMPlayer also has a mobile app in both iOS and Android in which to play the files of the device itself and even those that you have on the computer thanks to the Connect function. Only with a simple PIN can you play any file from the computer on your mobile device and vice versa.

Download | KMPlayer


Reproduction of video and audio files on your computer requires an appropriate application. VLC is one of the most powerful and versatile, but there are others. SMPlayer belongs to this group.

It is a free video player that works in Windows, Linux and also in Chromecast, which incorporates all the necessary elements ( codecs ) to support all types of files. It is not required to install any external codec.

Media player for Windows, Linux, and Chromecast: SMPlayer
After downloading and installing the application on your computer you can listen to any audio file and see all kinds of videos. The program can store the information so that it doesn’t have to be reset. It is possible to interrupt playback and restart them where they left off.

SMPlayer uses a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, with interesting functions that facilitate its management. It offers, for example, the possibility of downloading subtitles and playing YouTube videos. It includes a large number of advanced features, among which are a series of filters for audio and video, the possibility of modifying the playback speed or adjusting the synchronization between audio and subtitles, among others.

This video player supports the most popular formats: Avi, mp4, mkv, MPEG, mov, DivX, h.264. It allows adapting the theme that defines the player to your liking. It includes a large number of audio and video filters. It will enable the change of playback speed and the synchronization of the audio with the subtitles of a movie. It is available in more than 30 languages.

Download | SMPlayer


potplayer video player

PotPlayer is a video player capable of reproducing any file regardless of its size or its quality, and that also performs it with high fluency. Besides, PotPlayer can play a lot of files and remember the exact point where you have been playing in each of them to resume playback from that point.

This video player is capable of playing hundreds of different audio formats independently of the codecs that you have installed. This free software also includes configurable subtitles, audio and subtitle delay settings, 3D video equalizer, support for playlists, bookmarks, audio visualizations, etc.

But if this weren’t enough, PotPlayer also offers the possibility of capturing video sequences and audio recording, add processing filters can sleep or turn off the computer after a set time, etc.

To start enjoying this dominant and complete video player, you have to go to their website, download the version compatible with our system, 32 or 64 bits and proceed with its installation on the computer.

Once you launch PotPlayer on the computer, you will see how it shows a relatively clean interface. However, from the menu button that appears in the upper left of the interface itself, you can access a lot of options and settings of a tool more professional and very far from many of the free multimedia players that you can find and the Internet.

Download | Potplayer


video player

RealPlayer is an influential video player that brings unique functions for the management of your videos and movies.

It offers the option to download any video from the Web to see if connection.

  • Integrated converter. For example, convert from MKV to .AVI, .MOV or .MP4
  • Convert videos to audio formats.
  • Put a password to the videos
  • Burn CDs.
  • Watch videos on a SmartTV PC through Xbox One, Roku or Chromecast via Wi-Fi.
  • Manage your multimedia catalog

Download | RealPlayer

Wrapping Up: Best Video Players for Windows

So far those were the best video players for Windows that you can download for free to enjoy any content on your computer or laptop.

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Do you use another video player? Let me know in the comments section.

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