8 Creative Email Marketing Tricks That Will Make You an Email Wizard

We could all use a little magic to improve our email marketing game – and with the right tricks up your sleeve, you can transform mundane emails into a powerful marketing tool.

The best part? Your email application should already have the features you need to become an email marketing pro – you’ve just got to get creative. Here are 8 creative email marketing tricks that can elevate you to email wizard status:

Trick #1: Mass Mail with personalization

Add a personalized touch to your mass emails by using tools that let you use variables. This means that you can still send your emails to a large group of people (hundreds or more) without sacrificing a friendly approach.

Features like Mass Mail or Mail Merge, let you customize your Mass Mail correspondence so you can hide recipients in your mail, similar to using BCC for all your recipients so they don’t see each other’s email, but still use personalization and make the email feel unique to the recipient. With Mass Mail, you can insert contact-specific information such as names, locations, or preferences, ensuring each email feels tailor-made for its recipient.

Mass Mail with personalization - email marketing

Trick #2: Use advanced contact and mail list management

Organize your contacts and mailing lists to target the right audience with the right message. Utilize features like tagging and custom fields to maximize relevance; ensuring that your marketing emails make the most impact. Many email applications offer tags and labels that can be used across contacts, emails, and calendar events.

Trick #3: Try built-in calendars for campaign management

built-in calendars for campaign management - EMAIL MARKETING

Stay on top of deadlines and campaigns with integrated calendars. Whether it’s scheduling promotional messages, tracking follow-ups, or planning content calendars, having a calendar tool within your email management platform, ensures seamless coordination and eliminates the need to switch back and forth between your email application and calendar application.

Multi-calendar options give you the ability to view two (or more) calendars easily within one view – so you can save time clicking back and forth between multiple calendars and make sure the different campaigns are scheduled just right with all connected events and teams.

Trick #4: Use delayed send for timezone optimization

Reaching out to an audience in another timezone? Sending an email during off-hours? Ensure your emails reach recipients at the perfect time by implementing delayed send.

With email applications with “Send later” features you can schedule emails to be sent at specific times, allowing you to match time zones. This can also be used to send email at the perfect time – according to your engagement metrics.

Trick #5: Go global with translations

Built-in translation capabilities let you reach a worldwide audience without learning a second, third, or fourth language. Effortlessly translating your email messages into multiple languages to guarantee that your message gets across to diverse audiences and instant translation of received messages makes it easy to understand the feedback you get. Modern applications are built for our modern, globalized world.

Trick #6: Try templates and signatures for branding

Try templates and signatures for branding - email signatures guide

Maintain brand consistency and professionalism across all your communications with customizable templates and signatures. Choose branding colors, logos, and design elements to establish your brand identity with your recipients.

Many mail apps offer template and signature options that are fully customizable and shareable. Create perfect branded templates and signatures that can then be shared with your team (or externally) with the option to import or export.

Trick #7: Find an email client with one-time price for affordability

Recurring payments aren’t always the only option – and it’s best to avoid them if your needs change in the future. Many popular marketing tools like Mailchimp and Brevo are subscription based, but this isn’t your only option.

There are options for email management tools that offer a one-time price model. This is particularly helpful for smaller teams or freelancers looking to get the best value and ease of use without recurring subscription costs.

Trick #8 Use AI tools for email content

AI is taking over our world – and our inboxes. Follow the artificial intelligence trend and use AI-driven content generation and advanced editing options to streamline your email marketing. With upcoming AI tools integrated into platforms like eM Client’s version 10, you can use AI craft compelling subject lines, personalized recommendations, and engaging email copy both quickly and effortlessly.

Use AI tools for email content - email marketing innovations

Advanced Analytics for In-Depth Insights

Don’t forget to leverage advanced analytics tools within your email application to gain deeper insights into your campaigns. By analyzing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, you can identify what’s working and what needs improvement.

Tools that provide heat maps and detailed engagement reports can show you exactly how your audience is interacting with your emails, allowing you to tweak and optimize your strategy continuously.

Interactive Content for Enhanced Engagement

Incorporate interactive elements into your emails to boost engagement. Features like polls, surveys, marketing videos and clickable elements can transform a static email into a dynamic experience. Interactive content not only makes your emails more engaging but also provides valuable feedback from your audience, which can be used to further refine your campaigns.

Automated Workflows for Consistency

Automation is a powerful ally in email marketing. Set up automated workflows for various customer journeys, such as welcome series, follow-up emails, and re-engagement campaigns. Automated workflows ensure that your audience receives timely and relevant content without you having to manually send each email.

This consistency helps build trust and keeps your audience engaged over time.

A/B Testing for Optimization

To maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns, make use of A/B testing. Test different subject lines, email designs, call-to-action buttons, and content layouts to see what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing allows you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your email marketing performance.


With these 8 inspired email marketing tricks, you’ll become an email wizard who knows exactly how to get the most out of email marketing campaigns.

To take your email marketing a step further to ensure you’re up-to-date, look for an application that has multi-platform availability – so you can be connected to your inbox from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. From personalization to efficiency, these tricks will help you create effective email campaigns to enchant your audience.

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