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  • 7 USB Password Protection Software for USB Drives

    rohos mini drive usb password protection

    Do you want to password your USB drive? Check this list of the best USB password protection software. USB memories are a nuisance if you have a bad memory. Who did not ever leave them plugged into the computer or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer? Where will be the one where you kept […]

  • How to Stop Command Prompt Closing Automatically

    pause command prompt

    Do you want to stop command prompt from closing? On this tutorial, I will show some ways to do that like pause batch file or using the registry editor. In Windows environments, you can automate and execute multiple tasks thanks to the bat files which allow the execution of a task thanks to the design […]

  • 5 Best CPU & GPU Overclocking Software and Tools

    evga precision x overclocking software

    Do you want to overclock your CPU or GPU? Check this list of the best CPU & GPU overclocking software. “How to overclock Intel i7 7700K”, “how to overclock Intel i7 8700K” and “how to overclock Intel Celeron” are the three most searched searches in recent months in the Google search engine. If you have […]

  • How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 10

    reset network windows

    Do you want to reset your network settings? On this, I will show a tutorial about how to reset network settings in Windows 10. Being connected to the network is practically essential to be able to work from your computer because both the information and many programs require it. Some tasks can be done offline, […]

  • Download BitDefender Antivirus 2019 [Offline Installer]

    download bitdefender 2019

    Do you want to download BitDefender 2019? On this post, I will leave direct download links to Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 offline installer. Bitdefender Antivirus 2019 is security software of Romanian origin, descended from the pedestal to major brands such as Norton or Kaspersky, and it is already a custom for him to head the lists […]

  • Download Visual Studio 2013 RC [Direct Download Links]

    visual studio 2013

    Do you want to download Visual Studio 2013? On this, I will leave direct download links to Visual Studio 2013 Express, Premium, Professional and Ultimate RC. Visual Studio 2013 is the programming IDE par excellence of the .NET platform and, therefore, of the applications that run in the Microsoft ecosystem devices. It transcends the specific […]

  • Download Windows 10 version 1703 [Creators Update]

    3d paint

    Do you want to download Windows 10 Creators Update? On this post, I will leave you direct download links to Windows 10 version 1703. Windows 10 Creators Update has arrived, the second great update of the last operating system of Microsoft after the Anniversary Update of summer of last year. The improvements are many and […]

  • Download Windows 10 version 1803 [April Update]

    windows 10 timeline

    Do you want to download Windows 10 April Update? On this post, I will leave you direct download links to Windows 10 version 1803. Windows 10 April 2018 Update version 1803 is here. The expected two-year Update of Windows 10 is already being downloaded automatically to millions of computers around the world. If it has […]

  • 3 Best Secunia PSI Alternatives (Personal Software Inspector)

    Kaspersky Software Updater

    Do you want to keep your computer secure and updated? Check the best Secunia PSI Alternatives (Personal Software Inspector). The Flexera company, in a message posted on its forums, has announced that the Secunia Personal Software Inspector, or abbreviation PSI, will no longer be available after April 20, 2018. Although this may not surprise those […]

  • How to Save or Export your Google Chrome History

    export chrome history

    Do you want to save or export your Google Chrome history? On this post, I will show you some tools that let you export your Chrome history. Usually, I talk about deleting the history of your browser so that it does not fall prey to the snoopers, but it can also be a good idea […]

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