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  • How to enable Ethernet Metered Connection in Windows 10

    Metered Connection in Windows 10 is a type of connection, which is an innovation included in Creators Update, would allow your internet connection to have a data usage limit. But perhaps many people wonder for what purpose the metered connection has been established in Windows 10, the reason is simple, remember that the updates in Windows 10, critical and security, are […]

  • How to View or Open DAT file in Windows 10

    On several occasions, you received emails or see in your units various files with little or no known extensions, and in these cases, it is best not to open them as they may contain dangerous information or come with viruses. One of these types of files that we frequently see is the DAT files, and today we are going to analyze in detail […]

  • 7 Easy Ways to Open Event Viewer in Windows 10

    One of the most critical tools offered by Microsoft, both at home and at the corporate level, is undoubtedly the event viewer since from you have access to all the events that occurred in the Operating System during all activity time. Remember that every action that takes place in the computer, whether it is a power-up, login, installation, etc., will […]

  • Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts & How To Create Custom

    Windows 10 knows that your time is valuable and that you need to save time and that is why it incorporates new keyboard shortcuts along with those already known in previous versions. This will mean forgetting a little more about the mouse and having control practically on the keys. If you want to save time and effort when working on your computer, we’ll show you […]

  • How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10

    You may already know how to active GodMode in Windows 8 and earlier versions, but now we will see how to activate this mode in Windows 10 since it is still active in this new version of Windows. This trick is handy for IT professionals and comes in handy for active management of Windows 10 […]

  • 5 Easy Ways To Disable Keyboard in Windows 10, 8, 7

    Although disabling input peripherals such as the keyboard isn’t recommended at particular moments you can disable these devices. You may want to do that at some point, and that is why this tutorial explains how to disable keyboard in Windows 10. Note: The same process applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8. Method #1: Device Manager Device Manager is a tool […]

  • 4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

    We all like to our computer to start fast to work in a matter of seconds, but what happens when your computer boot slowly? Probably you get frustrated waiting for your computer to boot There are several reasons why you computer boots unusually slowly. Many times it is because of too many installed programs, especially if […]

  • How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically in Windows 10

    Most of us when using a program or app in Windows 10, leave it by default to open automatically at startup. That, although it’s useful, can affect the optimal startup speed since enabling more services than ordinary uses more resources from the computer. In Windows 10, Skype starts automatically by default and today you will learn how to stop Skype […]

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