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  • How To Configure Multiple Time Zone Clock in Windows 10

    In many opportunities, whether due to business travel, study, control, etc., we must have access to multiple time zones in our computer to know precisely the time in another country or region. Windows 10 gives us the opportunity to set up to 3 different time zones and in this way have the exact time according to our need. So, we […]

  • How to Create or Delete a Homegroup in Windows 10, 8, 7

    Homegroup allows one or more computers to share things such as photos, music, printers in the local network. You can create a Homegroup in Windows 7, 8 and 10 but the home or starter editions (Windows 7) doesn’t allow to create one but be part of one. Something essential in a Homegroup is that you […]

  • How to Use Keyboard as Mouse in Windows 10, 8, 7

    One of the essential tools of work today is indisputably the mouse of our computers both portable and desktop, thanks to its versatility, scope, and simplicity. Today we also have wireless mouses, among many others but, have you thought what would happen if you are in a remote place and the mouse fails for some reason, bad hardware, low […]

  • How to Move OneDrive Folder in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

    OneDrive is an excellent app regarding cloud storage thanks to its security, robustness, and accessibility from anywhere. The default folder is found on the C drive of our computer, sometimes you backup or save to many files on your C drive and this slow down your computer performance. Today we will see how to move OneDrive folder from the C drive […]

  • How to Scan & Extract Text From Image [OCR] in Windows 10

    One of the current technologies that are very practical and interesting for any user is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which gives us the possibility to extract text from images in a simple way. OCR allows us to convert various types of files in an editable format. Today we will analyze how to use OCR technology […]

  • How to Boot VirtualBox from USB in Windows 10

    One of the primary tools we have to virtualize is without doubt VirtualBox which offers us multiple configuration alternatives and a wide range of operating systems to install. In the same way that we have this great tool, having ISOs images in devices such as USB drives is increasing thanks to MultiBoot USB. Every time we try to install an Operating System […]

  • How to Rotate an Image on Windows 10 [Quick Tip]

    Nowadays is very common to have photos taken from smartphones with wrong orientation and sometimes we don’t know how to fix the orientation of these photos easily. In this tutorial, we will see some ways to rotate an image in Windows 10. Method #1: Rotate an Image using File Explorer One of the most practical ways to rotate an image […]

  • How to Show or Hide Updates in Windows 10 [Tool]

    Microsoft is continually launching new updates, whether desktop or server, to update all system parameters, security failures and improve the performance. Microsoft Windows 10 default settings download and install all updates and then restart your computer, and this is continuously annoying for our daily tasks as Windows 10 restarts without our authorization. Sometimes instead of solving problems, the update becomes the […]

  • 2 Easy Ways to Remote Desktop Mac to PC

    In this opportunity, we will see how we can remote desktop windows 10 from macOS Sierra using some free tools. Method #1: Remote Desktop without Software In the first place, we will see how to connect from macOS Sierra to our Windows 10 computer and for that we must perform a series of steps so that everything works correctly. This […]

  • 2 Ways to Turn Off / On or Disable UAC in Windows 10

    Within the different security measures implemented in Windows 10, we have the UAC (User Account Control) which is intended to prevent applications or programs from making unauthorized changes in the system. So, if we have different users, it is necessary to limit the permissions of each one. This utility is practical because when an application tries to make some […]

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