How To Delete Cookies Of a Specific Website in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum has been thinking of offering itself as a complete browser focused especially on speed.

One of the elements that influence the optimal performance of Quantum are cookies, remember that the cookies which are stored by each website as we visit so that the next access will be much faster the redirection to that website.

Sometimes when access to a website generates errors, you can delete the cache and cookies to optimize the connection process.

Because Firefox now has the new Quantum engine, its interface has the code name “Photon,”  and it has new structure so that at times it’s not so simple to access specific settings.

Through this tutorial, you will learn to remove the cookies from a specific website.

Method #1: Delete Cookies Of a Specific Website

  1. To do this, go to the website that you want to delete the cookies and click on the icon “Show site information” located right next to the URL:
  2. There click on the option Secure connection.
  3. Now, click on the line More information.
  4. Click on the View cookies button and select the cookies to remove, and then click on the Remove selected button or click on the Remove all Shown button to eliminate all available cookies.
    remove cookies selected website

Method #2: Delete All Cookies

  1. For this press, the keys Ctrl + Shift + Delete and click on the Details tab to check the Cookies box.
  2. In the field Time range to clear define the time of the cookies to remove.
  3. Click on Clear now to confirm the action.
    clear all cookies quantum

As easy as that it will be possible to remove cookies in Firefox Quantum.

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