5 Best Online Video Editor Without Watermark

Online video editing is one of the things that have been increasing in popularity among the users that don’t have a powerful PC to use a video editor.

These tools are helpful because you can have all the features and things that you want in a video editor but online. Although that supposes a problem, some of those free online video editors leave a watermark.

If you want to find the best online video editors that don’t leave a watermark, check the following list.


ClipChamp is a powerful online video editor that have multipole tools to edit your videos. You can use this web app for free and has an easy to use interface that will no require previous knowledge about video editing to start.

About all those things about this editor, it will not leave any watermark in your video, only if you signup on the website.

Online video cutter

online video cutter

This will be the most straightforward video editor that you can find, but it does his job smoothly.

You can cut videos, perform color corrections, etc. Although it doesn’t have a long list of features, it could be useful when you want to perform quick editing without leaving a watermark in the video.

Movie Maker Online

movie maker online

Movie Maker Online has several tools to edit your videos online. You will be able to edit your videos freely without having to see a watermark in the final result.

Some of the things that you can perform with this online tool is adding filters, create transitions, animations, etc.



Magisto is an online video editor that works like a community. This tool has the essential tools to edit your videos online, but his main objective is the AI.

Using AI, the tool will detect sections of your video to add and create personalized effects. You can also use some predefined templates to create your video and without leaving an annoying watermark.


video louder

This is the most lightweight online video editor that you can find and the last one. I used to visit this website when I want to perform a quick volume fix on my videos and works excellent.

You can find some other tools that will edit your videos smoothly and without leaving a watermark that make it perfect for sharing and publishing on your social networks or Youtube.

I hope this list helps you to find the best online video editor that doesn’t leave a watermark. If you know about another tool that lets you edit your videos online like the ones above, let me know in the comments section.

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