9 Best Free Music Players for Windows 10

Music is one of the great passions of many people, and many listen to it from their computer, so we will show below some of the best free music players for Windows 10 with which to listen to your favorite music from the computer.

Among all the things for which we use the computer today, listening to music is one of the most repeated by all users, since many keep an extensive collection of songs by their favorite artists on the hard drive. Therefore, rare is the computer where we do not find any music player installed.


It is undoubtedly considered by many as the best free music player for PC that we can find to install on the computer. Although at first glance, it may seem a difficult tool to handle, since it has a lot of options, at the moment we start using it, we will see how the interface is quite intuitive.

This famous music player is compatible with the most used audio formats, supports explicitly more than 30 different formats, as well as radio streams. AIMP has sound effects, lots of skins to customize its appearance, an 18-band equalizer, and offers the possibility to sort the songs to our liking, edit their names or search for songs within a playlist.

2. Winamp

Another free music player that could not be missing in this list is, of course, Winamp. One of the most mythical PC music players with which we can use playlists automatically and that is compatible with the most popular digital music formats. Also, it offers access to a lot of Internet radio stations, thousands of podcasts, and has the option to play video, although this is not its forte.

You can download Winamp, one of the best free music players, for both PC and Mac and Android from its official website.

3. VLC

One of the most used and completely free music and video players. VLC plays files, discs, and streaming content, among other things, it is straightforward to use, and its appearance can be customized using a large number of skins that we can find to customize this famous free music player to our liking.

In addition to its appearance, it also allows you to customize its controls, and it is possible to download it in a portable format so that we can take it to any PC and enjoy the tool without having to install it.

Another great alternative since it is one of the most versatile free music players we can find. We can add all our music to Clementine, organize, and manage all our libraries in a simple way. But besides, this free music player allows you to search and play the songs loaded from some cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. We can even use this free music player to enjoy our favorite songs in streaming, listen to Internet radio stations, etc.

Clementine is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, and it is compatible with most audio formats.

4. Mediamonkey

As with AIMP, MediaMonkey may seem like a PC music player that is difficult to handle because of the many options it offers. However, once we start using it in the end, it turns out to be more intuitive and straightforward than it seems. Of course, Mediamonkey is compatible with the most popular digital audio formats, has the option to burn audio CDs, and can update our media collection automatically.

MediaMonkey also has a paid version that adds additional features to this free music player, such as the ability to create custom music collections, automatic playlists, etc.

5. Audacious

If you are looking for a free music player that is easy to use, Audacious becomes a great alternative. And it is that this practical but straightforward music player has a straightforward and functional interface with which you will be able to enjoy your favorite music from the computer comfortably.

In turn, Audacious has a powerful search engine so you can find the songs you want to listen to at any time quickly. It is compatible with most popular audio formats, and it has support for advanced playlists, random play, duplicate track removal, etc.

6. Musicbee

Like the vast majority of free music players on this list, MusicBee is compatible with most commonly used digital audio formats. It allows us to connect to the Internet to automatically download the missing metadata to our songs and even offers an ID3 tag editor. It provides an easy way to manage and organize extensive collections of music by libraries and even import tracks directly from iTunes or Windows Media.

7. Footbar2000

It is another of the free music players best known for the high level of customization it has. And it allows you to adjust your interface quickly and efficiently so that each user organizes it as they like. It will enable you to add metadata to tracks, burn audio CDs, manage and manage all music libraries, and, in addition to being compatible with most of the most used digital audio formats, it is capable of reading compressed files in ZIP and RAR format.

8. Windows Media Player

Windows users have another alternative in the player itself that incorporates Microsoft into its operating system, Windows Media Player. It is an entirely free music player that also plays video, and that perfectly meets your goal. Therefore, if you do not want to install any other program on your computer, you can use Windows Media Player as your default player. There is little to say about this tool since it is rare for the Windows user who has not used it on more than one occasion.

9. aTunes

It is a free music player with a straightforward and clean interface that makes it very easy to use. It has a powerful media management function that allows you to quickly add files and folders to the application to automatically manage them later. It is compatible with a lot of formats, all the most popular, it has support for smart playlists and duplicate track removal.

It also offers the possibility to connect to some web-based services such as Last fm and listen to Internet radio stations.

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