The Best Secunia PSI Alternatives

Flexera Personal Software Inspector, previously know as Secunia PSI, was a free security tool designed to detect programs and plugins vulnerable and outdated that exposed your PC to attacks and threats.

Antiviruses don’t detect vulnerabilities in old software, and that why some attackers like to target those programs.

The only way to block this type of attack is to keep your software and plugins updated by installing the latest patches and updates.

Almost all developers and software companies offer free patches, bug fixes, and updates for their programs. However, finding those patches is something that you need to perform manually and can be task consuming.

Secunia PSI helps us to automatize that process and let us know when some of our programs and plugins require some updates but right now this useful software has reached the end of this life, on this post you will find some of the best alternatives that you can download for free.

FileHippo App Manager

filehippo app manager

FileHippo App Manager makes it easy to keep your programs updated. This software will monitor all your installed applications. In that way, you will learn about any new update available for some of them.

Although this program doesn’t allow for updating all your applications at once, the interface makes it easy to update your software manually. Besides, you will avoid those annoying messages about new updates; some programs show you when you boot the PC.



SUMo is free software that will also allow you to keep all your programs updated to the latest version. It is always good to keep all your applications to the newest version, in that way you will have the latest features and improve the performance.

SUMo is free and lightweight, you won’t require too much space in your hard drive, and it even has available a portable version that you can carry on your USB to update the programs of all your computer and device.

Patch My PC Updater

patch my pc updater

This will be the last Secunia PSI alternative that I will leave you here, but don’t take me wrong. This is my favorite one. Why? Because it allows you to update more than 300 programs from developers like Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Oracle, and some of the most popular software like Dropbox, Telegram, FileZilla, GIMP, JAVA, Firefox, OpenOffice, etc.

In the interface of the program, you can check the available updated by just seeing the colors. Like my previous recommendation, you can also carry this software in your USB pen drive and update the programs of all your computers without requiring to use the download the same updater again and again.

Patch My PC Updater makes sure that the updates are secure and have been released by the author, avoiding any virus or infection on your system.


Keeping your software updated is something essential when you are concern about security and performance on your computer. Now you only need to choose one of those programs as your Secunia PSI alternative to update your applications quickly.

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