PrivaZer: Best Tool To Protect Your Privacy

Every time you do something in your computer, opening a program, accessing a web page or sending an email message, its recorded in your computer, mainly, in Windows files and folders.

That can be an advantage to recover lost data, but also an inconvenience for your privacy, because if someone or a program has access to this data, they can recover this precious information, such as your private data or your habits.

For that reason, I propose you PrivaZer; a tool helps you to keep your privacy safe.

The purpose of PrivaZer is to find files that Windows saves about your use in the internet, programs, files and folders that you have created over time, and, in short, any action performed on a computer.

With a complete or specific analysis, you will find that data, and you’ll be able to delete them so that if you have used a PC in a public place, you’ll not leave any trace.

On the other hand, PrivaZer allows erasing specific files to make them irrecoverable securely.


Installing PrivaZer is very easy and is available for Windows. It also offers a portable version to run it from a USB.

Types of Scan

The first time you open PrivaZer, you will see that you can choose which storage unit to work on: a computer, an external HDD, a USB key, an iPod, an MP3 player, an SD memory card, etc.

Depending on what you choose, PrivaZer will adapt to find the files that you want to delete to keep your privacy safe.

The second step is to choose the type of scan:

  • In-depth Scan: As the name suggests, perform a complete analysis in search of any trace.
  • Internet activities: Focuses the analysis on everything related to the Internet: histories, cookies (HTML and Flash), cache and temporary files …
  • Old files: Analyze traces of old data on the disk, primarily temporary files, which at first glance seem harmless but in wrong hands can say much of what and who do several things on a computer.
  • Software Use: When you use a program, you leave evidence of that in the Windows registry.
  • In Registry: Through the Registry you can see changes made in Windows.
  • USB History: Similar to the previous analyzes but focused on a USB stick or external pen drive.

Secure Erase Files & Folders

PrivaZer offers several secure erase options.

You have the option to select “Delete without a trace” in the drop-down menu, choose the file or folder to be deleted and from “View advanced options,” choose a type of deletion, which goes from the simplest of 1 pass to the most complex of 35 passes.

The more passes, the longer the removal will take and the more security you will have that this file will be difficult to recover.

The same can be done with the Recycle Bin, delete all its contents that any recovery tool will recover those files. In this case, you have 1 pass to 6 passes.

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