How To Fix Google Chrome Sync Not Working

Google Chrome is positioned as one of the most popular browsers worldwide for its versatility, simplicity, and undoubtedly, the ability to synchronize between devices.

This is something practical and useful that allows as Google Chrome users everything you do, whether on PC or mobile devices, be synchronized.

But currently, there are certain sync errors in Google Chrome, which include:

  • Bookmarks Sync Errors
  • Passwords, Bookmarks, Extensions Sync Not Working

This is an annoying issue, so today you will see how to fix this errors with simple methods.

Method #1: Disable Antivurs

Your Antivirus helps you to keep safe in a world full of attacks & threats of any type.

Sometimes this friend can interfere with the Sync process in Google Chrome. One thing that you can do is disable your Antivirus temporarily to see if this is the problem.

To disable Windows Defender in Windows 10:

  1. Click on Windows Defender Security Center icon
    windows defender security center icon
  2. Go to the Virus & threat protection section and there click on Virus & threat protection settings
  3. To disable Windows Defender, click on the switch in Real-time protection
    switch real time protection
  4. Now, check if Sync now works.

Method #2: Verify your Google Password

Google Chrome requires the login to each device to carry out correctly the sync process.

To verify or modify the password, open Google Chrome en type the following in the address bar:

Scroll to the bottom and click on the Reset Sync button:
reset sync google

Click on Accept and follow the steps of the wizard to reset the sync settings.

Method #3: Sign Out from your Google Account

Google requires a proper login to sync correctly, so you can sign out from your account and sign in again to fix this error.

  1. Click on to the icon Customize and control Google Chrome and select the option Settings
  2. Finally, click on SIGN OUT on the right of your account.
  3. Now, SIGN IN to your account again, to fix this issue.

Method #4: Reinstall Google Chrome

In case any of the above methods fix your problem, an extreme solution is to reinstall Google Chrome.

To uninstall Google Chrome from Windows:

  1. Press Winkey + R and type appwiz.cpl, then click on OK
  2. There search for Google Chrome, then click on Uninstall
    uninstall google chrome

Then, download Google Chrome here and install it.

Method #5: Clean Cache

As you browse frequently in Google Chrome, a cache of visited sites is stored, in this case, you can clear the cache to fix the error.

  1. Press the keys Winkey + Shift + Del
  2. Click on the Advanced Tab
  3. Select All time in Time range
  4. Now check the box Cached images and files and click on CLEAR DATA
    clear cache chrome

You have seen useful methods to fix this sync error in Google Chrome. Let me know if any of this methods works for you.

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