[FIX] Discord Mic Not Working or Not Picking Up Mic Error

Is Discord not picking up your mic? On this post, I will show you how to solve the most common Discord microphone not working error.

To facilitate the process, I have ordered the solutions more or less frequently. Knowing this, the most coherent thing is that you try in order the possible solutions to the microphone problem in Discord.

Method #1: Enable/Disable Mic to Fix Discord Mic Not Working

It will sound absurd, but it may be the case that the microphone you want to use is disabled. To make sure of this you will have to go to verify that.

1. In the taskbar, make right-click on the Sound icon and select Open Sound Settings
2. In the window that opens scroll down to the section Related Settings and once there, click on the option Sound Control Panel.
3. Now go to the Recording tab and see if everything is in order. 4. Remember to check the option Show disabled devices by right-clicking to see the disabled devices.

discord not picking up mic

If you do not have the microphone activated, you must right click and click on Enable, as shown in the image.

Unless you use a professional microphone, the input device will be the microphone that works with your audio driver, Realtek in my case.

If you use a professional microphone, which works through its driver, you will have to look in the list which one it is.

Method #2: Set the Right Mic

Having several microphones available on a PC can be the case where Discord selects by default a microphone that is not the one you want. To manually select the mic you want to use, follow these easy steps:

1. Open Discord and Log in to your account.
2. Go to the App Settings clicking on the gear button located at the bottom right.
3. On the left, click on the section Voice & Video.
4. Finally, look on the right the dropdown menu INPUT DEVICE and verify that the correct microphone is selected.

discord input devices

Also, make sure that the volume level is OK.

Method #3: Reset Voice and Audio Settings

When none of the above solves the problem Discord mic not working or not picking up mic, an option that has worked for me is to reset the voice settings. I could not say why this works, but it has happened to me, and it is solved with this.

To reset the Discord audio settings, follow these steps:

1. Open Discord and login into your account.
2. Open the Settings clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom right part of the Discord window.
3. There on the left, click on the option Voice & Video
4. Now scroll down until you find the button Reset Voice Settings and click on it.

discord mic not working

If all goes well, Discord should be restarted, and everything would work correctly.

Method #4: Update Audio Drivers

Trying to update your Audio drivers can fix your Discord mic not working error. So follow these steps:

1. To update the microphone driver, you have to go to the Device Manager, either through the Control Panel or using the Windows search
2. In the list, you will have to display the category Audio inputs and outputs
3. Right-click on your driver and select the option Update driver

update audio drivers

After doing that, a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to choose the way to update the driver. In this case, try the first one, although the second one can also work.

Method #5: Reinstall Audio Drivers

This option is the most drastic, but I leave it because it can be necessary to fix the Discord mic not working error. The solution is, as indicated in the title, to reinstall the audio drivers.

The audio drivers have to be those provided by the brand so that everything works correctly. These can come in the form of a CD or a partition on the HDD/SSD, although you also can get them from the manufacturer’s page.

Once you have the Audio driver downloaded, run the setup.exe file that comes with it. If the drivers don’t have an EXE file, you need to install those files manually. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Open the Device Manager. You can do that from the Control Panel and searching device manager on the Start menu.
2. Now, go to the section Audio inputs and outputs.
3. Click on your Audio driver and select the option update driver
4. Now in the window that opens click on the option Browse my computer for driver software.
5. Now click on the browse button to find and select the folder where you have downloaded your drivers.

discord mic not picking up

6. Finally, click on OK and then on the Next button to start the updating process.

Hopefully your Discord not picking up mic error will be fixed.

Wrapping Up: Discord Mic Not Working

If you have done all the above and the mic still doesn’t work in Discord, chances are you have a problem with the microphone itself.

The solution, in this case, is to try to take advantage of the guarantee or, if you know something about electronics, take a look at whether it can be solved by hand.

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