5+ Best Anonymous Image Hosting

Do you want to share your images without an account? Well, check this list of the best anonymous image hosting.

Sometimes you find yourselves in some situation where you have to share images with your friends or with a client. It may also be that you are forced to upload images to forums or specific profiles where they ask us for a URL of an image. Usually, you must use an image hosting to upload photos to the Internet.

Many web pages provide this service, and you can find free or paid image hostings. But today I will show you some anonymous image hosting that let you upload images without an account.

Anonymous Image Hosting Advantages

You have advantages when hanging photos on an anonymous image hosting. Most image hosting services have the following benefits:

  • Comfort: by merely entering the page, choose the photo to upload and automatically the image hosting will provide you a link and data on the weight and size of the files.
  • Easy Sharing: when you upload your image the site provides you with a link where you can share it easily and quickly in social networks, forums, blogs or your website.

Some of this image hosting offer the service to create an account and manage all the images and photos through a management panel. Also, you will be able to sync all your photos on various devices always to have them available at any time, but on this opportunity, I will show you only the anonymous image hosting that doesn’t ask you for an account although some of them let you create a free account.

I have used this anonymous image hosting before, so I can assure you that they work excellent if you wanna to upload pictures anonymously. So let’s start with the list.

1. Imgur

imgur anonymous image hosting

Imgur is an anonymous image hosting that, without any signup, allows you to upload a photo effortlessly; you have to drag the image to the screen.

When the upload is complete, it provides you with some information such as the URL direct link to the image, the links to include it in networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the code to try it in forums or blogs; In addition, it also offers you the possibility to send it by email.

The ability to upload images without signup has made it the favorite option to upload images to forums, perhaps that is why Imgur has become one of the websites with the most extensive content of images on the network.

It has a massive community of 70 million daily users who judge the images that are uploaded through votes and comments, which makes it an excellent compilation of the most viral photos of the network. The images that get the highest score to appear on the main page. For some years the web added the tool The Imgur Meme Generator that allows you to create memes from 0 or make them from a template with the most popular.

If you decide to create an account in addition to being part of this vast community, vote and comment on the most viral images of the moment; you can create personalized albums, upload the photos you want, create GIF files from a video, or do a specific search of images through the “themes” section. It also has apps for iOs and Android. Undoubtedly the best anonymous image hosting.

2. Postimage


This anonymous image hosting allows you to upload images effortlessly and obtain a specific URL so that you can insert them in forums, blogs or social networks. Postimage is translated into Spanish so it will be straightforward to use.

Postimage how to upload images for free. To upload the images, you must select one or more files, and then you can change the size of the image by clicking on the first drop-down, where you can find different sizes like the one recommended for avatars, for web pages, emails or screens of different inches. Finally, you can also choose the expiration date of the link where the image is hosted in case you want to share the photos for a particular time.

3. TinyPic

tinypic anonymous image hosting

TinyPic is an anonymous image hosting that also allows you to upload images and videos to obtain a URL that you can enter in forums, blogs or social networks without having to register. Its use is similar to the pages you have seen, select the image you want to upload, assign it the size you need and on this website it also allows you to attach it some labels. You can also perform a search of images you need since TinyPic also facilitates the different URLs for all the photos uploaded.

4. Direct Upload

direct upload

Direct Upload is a service of images of German origin. When you visit Direct Upload, you can see that the service is somewhat old. When accessing the site, you see two tabs, one where you can upload files one by one, and another tab that we can upload more than one file at a time. Direct Upload allows uploading JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF and SWF files. The maximum weight allowed per file is 4 MB.

Wrapping Up: Anonymous Image Hosting

So far those were the best image hosting to upload your photos without any account, and that provide you a link to share your photos everywhere.

Imgur is undoubtedly the best anonymous image hosting and is the one that I use the most, but there also exist another alternative.

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What do you think about this image hosting? Do you use any of those before? Let me know in the comments section.

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