How to Clear DNS Cache on Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Do you want to clear your browsers DNS cache? Well, check this tutorial about how to clear DNS cache on Chrome, Firefox & Edge.

One of the tools that you use daily and at all times are web browsers to access the multiple sites, and regardless of the type of browser you use, these include a series of configurations that have been developed to optimize their use.

The most used browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox & Edge for its various features and functionality and, like all browsers, includes a DNS cache which allows us to access common sites faster. As you visit hundreds or perhaps thousands of websites, little by little this cache memory fills up which in the results in some access problems to specific sites.

So today I will show you the steps to clear the DNS cache in Chrome, Firefox & Edge and in this way solve various errors associated with this aspect.

What is the DNS cache

chrome clear dns cache

DNS cache on browsers, get a better performance of Internet access because with the DNS cache the goal is not to make too many requests to the servers and, thus, accelerate the maximum browsing on the web.

DNS cache of a browser is a site where the data of the IP addresses of each site you visit is hosted, and that is why access to this site is agile.

Now, because the DNS cache if it allows us to access many more quickly to a website, there are some cases such as:

  • Clearing Browser’s DNS cache can be useful, especially when you’ve changed DNS settings locally
  • When a certain website changes to a new server or an IP address becomes obsolete, it is one of the causes to find DNS errors when trying to access these sites which is solved with the DNS Cache clear
  • Permanent access to sites with low-security ratings can also influence DNS cache errors.

What is DNS Cache Clearing

This action covers the disposal of all stored information associated with IP addresses and DNS names. A DNS cache clearing involves deleting all stored data concerning IP addresses and starting the process of saving them from scratch.

After performing a DNS cache clearing, the system will request all new IP addresses and DNS information the next time you try to access a site, which results in error-free browsing experience. Now you will see how to clear the DNS cache in Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge and this process applies to Google Chrome in Windows, macOS or Linux.

1. Clear DNS Cache on Chrome

The first thing you have to do to clear the DNS cache in Google Chrome is to open the browser itself. Once inside the browser, you open a new blank tab and in the address bar type:


Once you have entered this menu, you will see a button that you must click (Clear host cache) to delete all the DNS cache stored on Chrome Browser.

chrome clear dns

Once you have done it, you will have cleaned all the DNS cache of your Google Chrome browser. If you have tabs open, it is likely that to leave all the DNS cache clean, you also have to clean the connections established by Google Chrome. To clean the connections, you have to open in the address bar:


Once you have entered this menu, you must click on the Close idle sockets button and also on Flush socket pools as you can see below:

chrome net-internals

2. Clean DNS cache in Firefox

In the case of Firefox, there is no button similar to Chrome, so the only option is to tell Firefox to use the system cache to resolve the domains.

To do that, write the following in the address bar:


Click on I accept the risk and in the search box and copy the following:


Once the option is found, right click and choose to modify. There, instead of 60, write 0.

firefox clear dns cache

Finally, clean the browser cache in Options in the Privacy and Security section. Later, restart the browser.

firefox preferences

3. Clean DNS cache on Edge

In this case, the solution is to clean the Windows cache since it is the one to use Edge to solve. For this, you press the Winkey + R at the same time and in the Run window type:

ipconfig /flushdns

Finally, click enter to clear DNS cache on Edge

clear edge dns cache

This is the process clear the DNS cache on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I hope this tutorial helps you.

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Do you know another way to clear DNS cache on browsers? Let me know in the comment section.

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