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Do you want to install Office 365? I will leave you direct download links to Office 365 ISO/IMG Home, Premium, Business, Professional Plus.

Microsoft Office 365 is now available almost anywhere in the world. Although it does have specific changes in terms of functions and characteristics of each program, what is interesting about the package is all it offers: an ecosystem that will make life much easier for the user. Now I will talk to you about some of the best features of Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Before downloading Office 365, you need to read about the remarkable features that this suite offers you. If you want to download the software right now, you can scroll down until the bottom of this post.

5 Devices

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Have you ever wondered why it’s called Office 365? Well, 365 days have the year, and today is the amount of time we are connected. The suite can be installed on five different devices with a single subscription; example: Tablet, Laptop, Desktop PC, Smartphone and even Mac (yes, also Mac). No matter the platform, Office will look pretty much everywhere.

Doesn’t Need Installation

office 365 browser

The new Office works on Windows, Mac OS and Windows Phone. I said before that it is usable in ALL types of devices. What happens then with Linux, iOS, Android and others?

If you can not (or do not want to) install it on some device, enter any browser, enter our subscription and automatically activate a WebApp to read and even modify our documents. Once the work is finished, close the app, and all traces of the program disappear.

In short, once we have the subscription, Office 365 will be displayed on any device that has at least one browser. By the way, using the programs without installing them is independent of the five devices that the first package allows me to register, as a kind of a plus.

Social Networks

No doubt Outlook is a vital tool for many, so as a parenthesis we will add that it is already included in the package. However, within our Outlook contacts, you will not only have emails and emails, but their integration with networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook will add them to your list, which will allow you a more personal contact and you will even be able to consult the state of each without having to enter their respective portals.

Do you want to download Office 365 ISO? Continue to the end of this post where I will leave direct download links.

Cloud Work

The use of different programs without the need to install them is possible thanks to its 100% integration with Microsoft’s cloud service, SkyDrive. Through it, our files will be automatically saved to support them, and you will share them with those you want.

Besides, for people who still do not know, since 2010 Office included a real-time edition of documents (Google Drive-style), which also remains. And not only limited to file sharing; if we are in the Office and we want to go home early, but you must finish a couple of pending, enter your subscription in the PC of your home to resume work right where you were.

Intuitive Dictionary

The dictionary that Word uses or the categories that you enter in Excel is now intuitive. It is no longer the typical dictionary with established words. As it happens with several mobile devices, if you write a word frequently, the system will learn it and mark it as correct. On the other hand, if you create a database with different elements and you add the category to which each one belongs, Excel will deduce your intentions and suggest you a self-filling, continuing with what you were doing, saving you effort in thinking and writing.

Coexistence with Previous Versions

The new software will not require us to remove the previous versions of the suite, unlike how it happened with those same ones. If you have installed Office 2007, for example, the arrival of 365 will have no conflict with leaving its predecessor in place.

What feature did you like the most? Will you download Office 365? Well now I will leave you direct downoad links to the Office 365 ISO/IMG files, so you can install easily on your PC and try it.

Download Office 365 ISO/IMG

Download “Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus” O365ProPlusRetail.img – Downloaded 887 times –

Download “Microsoft Office 365 Business” O365BusinessRetail.img – Downloaded 208 times –

Download “Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium” O365HomePremRetail.img – Downloaded 203 times –

Wrapping Up: Download Office 365 ISO

Office 365 is an impressive office suite that let you work fast and easy using any device that you want. Now you can download this excellent software using the links above. Do not forget to leave your comment.

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