Top Critical Windows 10 Vulnerabilities

windows 10 vulnerabilities

What are the most critical Windows 10 vulnerabilities? Discover a detailed description of each one in this post.

Windows continues to be one of the most widely used operating systems. Different versions of this OS is set up on billions of devices all over the world. However, Windows 10 version is still revolutionizing the market, attracting more and more users. If you are one of those who would like to try using the system, this post is right for you. Discover the list of the most serious vulnerabilities any customer will face when using Windows 10.

Before You Start

Switching to a new operating system requires tons of time and effort. First, you will need to set up the system itself. Second, it will be necessary to install all the necessary drivers. Third, don’t forget to set up the most widely used software for your needs. Fourth, transfer some info from the hard drives or cloud to your computer. Therefore, get ready to spend at least several hours preparing your machine for effective work after installing a new operating system.

But what if you don’t have enough time for all these activities but still want to try using Windows 10? What should you do if you are a student forced to do academic assignments all the time? Fortunately, you can start using one of the academic writing services and get all your college tasks with no effort. However, what is the best way to choose a reliable writing site? The simplest way is to read the reviews shared by other learners! For example, you can start exploring assignment geek reviews, and then move to reading domyessay reviews. Here is a list of the system’s vulnerabilities any user should know.


This one uses a weakness in the Windows driver that is responsible for handling various files in your computer’s memory. If hackers log in as a local user, they would be able to launch a special code in kernel mode. This will allow adding any type of malware to the system, as well as change some important settings in the system. This flaw was present in the older versions of the operating system and was not fixed in Windows 10. Moreover, Windows Server also contains this bug.

Fortunately, this vulnerability is not critical, so you can still use the operating system on your machine. Moreover, most users will not even notice it. If you want to boost your security, don’t forget to install any modern anti-malware software on your machine to protect it from hackers in the most effective way. Note that you will need to update your antivirus regularly to keep it safe.


This flaw is related to the graphics component and the system’s kernel driver. This vulnerability can also be used by hackers for executing different arbitrary codes for installing dangerous malware. However, this threat can also be easily prevented by using the most up-to-date anti-malware software. Always choose only the most reliable anti-viruses to protect your operating system from hackers.


This flaw is also not critical. This vulnerability is about using Microsoft Color Management. What can a hacker do with it? It allows a fraudster to get access to Remote Code Execution. How can a hacker do that? In most cases, a special link is sent to a common user via email, messenger, or any other common communication tool. The link will bring a user to a special website that will start using this Windows 10 vulnerability almost immediately. What is the trickiest thing about it is that you will not need to download any file from this website to allow hackers to control your machine. The most effective way to protect your desktop computer or laptop from this threat is to avoid clicking on any suspicious links you might get through email or messenger. This way, you won’t get to the site with malware developed by hackers.


This flaw can be used by hackers only in case they get physical access to your computer. The fraudster might use a login screen to insert a special code on your computer. This code might be very diverse and lead to different system errors and bugs. Moreover, using special code might give a hacker full system access. The good news is that your machine will hardly be hacked in this way. The most vulnerable are machines located in public places, such as airports, hotels, and kiosk stations.

In conclusion, most Windows 10 vulnerabilities are not critical. You can use your operating system in a safe and reliable way. However, make sure to use the freshest anti-malware software and avoid clicking on suspicious links you might get via different communication channels.

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