How to Play Long Video Games When You Have No Time

Work, marriage life, academics, and other activities can steal your time for exploring new games and series. Some players may take advantage of vacations, day-off, or honeymoons, while others may need more time for their favorite long games. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Destiny take nearly 60+ hours to complete. But how can you play when you have no time?

Seize every opportunity, start with your favorite games, and reduce distractions. These can spare you at least 1-5 hours to play up some levels in the game. However, if you need help making it through some gameplay rounds, we suggest you visit for practical tips, tricks, and hacks for all kinds of games.

Meanwhile, here are some tips for buying time for long video games!

Strategies For Long Video Games When You Have No Time

Video Games

1. Get ready to sacrifice

If you’re a busy adult with so much excitement for video games, sacrificing your night is one way to make time. It can come with substantial health disadvantages like dizziness, lightheadedness, etc., but you’ll enjoy your gameplay without interruptions.

Nevertheless, you can balance it by splitting your sleep hours, cutting out 3 hours for your game and the remaining hours for sleep. Another way is to sleep earlier and wake up sometime at night to play before sleeping till morning.

This way, you’ll go far in your game and still be fit for your daily routine. By doing this, you’re likely to complete a long game series in a few months.

2. Start with your favorite game

favorite game

Video games can get boring, especially if it’s different from your type. For instance, adventure gamers may find puzzle games uninteresting and would never consider spending a minute or more on them. Arcade lovers may find action-adventure games scary to play or even watch. So, if you want to play any long video game when you have no time, go for your favorite game.

The excitement and fun you feel can sink every other schedule you have for the day. You don’t have to worry about pausing to dispatch some emails or attend staff meetings, etc. While this can be risky, taking advantage of your leisure or non-business day is advisable to enjoy the game.

3. Seize your moment

No matter how tight your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules are, you can always grasp some idle hours. Even if you play 1-2 hours a day, you could finish an 80 hour game like Breath of the Wild in some months. Seem that opportunity and hop on the game, whether it’s an hour, two, or more

On the other hand, if your idle time is roughly 30+ minutes, you can still give your games a shot at your games. However, it may take longer to finish, but at least you’ve reaped the excitement your mind needed at the moment.

4. Grab a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch is a portable system for playing games anywhere, anytime. With numerous games in different genres, you can find your favorite games and play them on the go. If you’re a nursing-mum gamer, you can care for your child and still reach certain levels in your game without interruptions.

With a Nintendo Switch, you don’t need to sit over a PC, Xbox, or any PlayStation series to enjoy your games. While waiting for your next task in the office or with a friend, you can easily beat some aces and catch up with time.

5. Cut off Distractions


You could finally cut out enough hours to play some games, and then some unavoidable distractions would ruin the moment. Most of the time, your friends, kids, or partner can be a stumbling block to playing long games in a short time. Since you can’t just run away from them each time you’re gaming, you can turn them into your audience or competitor. Sometimes, it may not work out if they dislike your preference. Nevertheless, if you can convince them to challenge you or watch your playstyle in the game, that’s perfect. You can create a second game setup for them and have fewer distractions.

In addition to the tips provided in the article, there are a few more strategies that can help you play long video games even when you have limited time.

  • Set Goals: Set small achievable goals for yourself before you start playing. These goals could be as simple as reaching a new level or finishing a specific quest. Setting goals not only helps you track your progress but also makes it easier to break the game into smaller manageable chunks.
  • Use Save Points: Take advantage of save points and save your progress regularly. With this, you can resume from where you stopped without having to begin anew. You can also use save points strategically, such as saving before a difficult boss battle, so that you can easily retry if you fail.
  • Utilize Game Guides: Game guides can be a great resource for players who have limited time. These guides provide tips and strategies for completing the game quickly and efficiently. They can also help you find hidden items and shortcuts that you may have missed otherwise.
  • Play with Friends: Playing with friends can be a fun way to experience long video games, especially if you have limited time. You can split the game into sections and take turns playing, or play together cooperatively. This can help you progress through the game faster and also make it more enjoyable.

By using these additional strategies, you can maximize your limited gaming time and still enjoy playing long video games. Remember, gaming is meant to be fun, so don’t stress too much about completing the game quickly. Take your time and enjoy the journey.


Irrespective of your love for games or the excitement you get, some priorities can leave you with no time to play the games. However, the above tips can spare you some minutes to hours to try out some games.

You may have to sacrifice some hours of your night. Grab a Nintendo Switch for an on-the-go gaming experience and turn the people around you into your audience. Also, start with your favorite games and play them at every opportunity.

These tips allow you to complete your favorite long video games in a few months.

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