How To Create A Gaming Video On PC Like A Pro

Did you know that around 2.6 billion people play video games around the globe? If you want to make gaming videos, there is a vast target audience for it. You can share exciting gaming videos on digital channels and build a strong online community.

One can find a plethora of gaming videos on digital channels and not all of them become successful. To stand out among all the gaming videos, you need to add a professional touch. With simple tricks, you can create gaming videos like a pro.

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Plan your gaming video content

You cannot start making a gaming montage and then spend hours choosing the best clips. Take some time before making a gaming video and select the recorded gameplays you want to include. Last-minute hassles may not arise if you plan your gaming video content. A gaming intro maker can be your biggest asset in this journey.

You also need to decide which type of gaming video you want to create. Are you making a compilation video or editing an entire online match? You can create a written video script in advance to make videos quickly without any confusion.

Record your gameplay without any glitch

If you are publishing your gameplay, ensure that the gameplay is smooth. For making gaming videos like a pro, you need to use a compatible device that runs games smoothly. If your PC isn’t supporting online games, the recorded gameplay will contain glitches. If your gaming videos aren’t smooth, it can hamper the viewing experience. It becomes frustrating for the viewers to watch a video till the end when there are too many glitches.

Choose games that run smoothly on your device without any interruptions. If your recorded gameplay isn’t smooth, any video editor can also not repair it. You can consider using a PC/laptop with an efficient RAM and graphic card for playing online games. If you are making smartphone gaming videos, make sure the gameplay is smooth.

Use a video editor for creating gaming videos

You cannot create gaming videos like a pro without an online video editor. A video editor lets you add several professional editing effects to your gaming video. You can make an eye-catching gaming video within minutes if you use an online video editor. You can add transitions, music, overlays, and much more to your gaming videos with an editor that lets you create gaming videos like a pro.

Use pre-existing templates for making gaming videos

How to make an eye-catching gaming video if you know nothing about video editing? Well, for newbies, video editors offer pre-existing templates to make gaming videos like a professional. Pre-existing templates will automatically apply attractive effects to your gaming video.

You have to upload your gaming clips to a pre-existing template. The pre-existing template will mix your media files with editing effects and generate an eye-catching video. All this can be done within minutes and, even newbies can make appealing introduction gaming videos using a reliable gaming intro maker.

Add some music to your gaming video

To make gaming videos like a pro, you need to set the mood right for viewers. Music is a catalyst for making gaming videos more appealing. When your gameplay syncs with catchy music, it targets multiple senses of the viewers.

Consider you are making a headshot compilation video in Fortnite. You can choose appealing music and time each headshot to the music beat. By doing so, you can give a wonderful experience to your gaming video viewers.

Most gamers share their videos on social media channels. However, they forget that they have to use license-free music for their gaming videos. If your gaming video is using copyrighted music, it can be taken down due to copyright strikes. It is why one should use license-free music for their gaming video. An online video editor will provide you with license-free music to add to your gaming video.

Optimize the length of your gaming video

Have you ever wondered why your gaming videos aren’t popular? Well, it may happen because they aren’t easily consumed by the audience. According to stats, social media users don’t prefer lengthy gaming videos.

Make crisp gaming videos that show raw action without wasting any time. There is no point in adding the game loading scenes or other waiting scenes to your gaming videos. Cut straight to the gameplay and provide the audience with the content they actually want to see.

The ideal length for your gaming videos will change from one social media platform to another. The ideal length for gaming videos on different social media sites is given below:

  • If you want to share gaming videos on Facebook, their length should not be more than five minutes.
  • Your gaming videos on Instagram should not be more than a minute. If you want to share lengthy gaming videos, you can rely on IGTV.
  • If you are creating gaming videos for YouTube, keep their length below six minutes.
  • One-minute gaming videos are ideal for Twitter.

Optimize the specifications of your gaming videos

Why are you creating professional gaming videos? Well, the ultimate goal is to share them on social platforms and generate revenue. The video specifications are different for each social media platform. The aspect ratio, video size, video length, gaming video format, and many other specifications are different for each social media platform.

If you do not follow the ideal video specifications for any social media platform, your gaming video might not appear fully. After you post them, important elements can be cropped out. Use a video editor to create optimized gaming videos according to social media specifications.

In a nutshell

If you can make eye-catching gaming videos, people will love them on social media channels. Newbies can rely on a video editor to add a professional touch to gaming videos. Start making professional gaming videos with an editor!

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