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  • How To Fixboot and Repair Bootrec in Windows 10

    Somethings very annoying is when your computer doesn’t boot, maybe you have to work o study, and this becomes a nightmare. Thanks to the advanced features of Windows 10 you can quickly repair your computer without resorting to external tools. The code error is 0xc0000605 which says that something in the process of WINLOAD.EXE was […]

  • How To Change Title Bar & Window Shadow Color in Windows 10

    Significant improvements have been added to the customization of the environment, which offers its millions of users the option to customize the system according to their tastes and preferences. As a general rule in Windows 10, Windows have a colored window border (title bar) and a shadow but is possible to modify this color and disable the […]

  • How To Roll Back Builds To Earlier Versions of Windows 10

    Although the new version called Windows 10 April 2018 is full of new features, we know, that any new edition or version of an operating system is prone to errors or failures that affect the productivity of the user or apps. It’s important to keep in mind some things before roll back an update: Backup your […]

  • How to Fix KERNEL SECURITY CHECK ERROR in Windows 10

    Have you installed any Redstone BUILD  of Windows 10 PC that Microsoft has released through the Windows Insider program? If so, it may have happened to you that power on your computer or tablet; Windows 10 shows the famous blue screen of death with the message  KERNEL SECURITY CHECK ERROR. Commonly, after the system makes the corresponding […]

  • How To Fix Google Chrome Sync Not Working

    sync chrome thumbnail

    Google Chrome is positioned as one of the most popular browsers worldwide for its versatility, simplicity, and undoubtedly, the ability to synchronize between devices. This is something practical and useful that allows as Google Chrome users everything you do, whether on PC or mobile devices, be synchronized. But currently, there are certain sync errors in Google […]

  • [Fix] ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error in Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers today for its different features, attributes, and performance, but like any system, it doesn’t escape certain errors. One of the most common errors you can see in Google Chrome is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET: This error happens during installation when Google Chrome can create a temp folder. When happens […]

  • [Fix] Error NVIDIA Driver Installer Failed in Windows 10

    Do you have problems installing the NVIDIA driver in Windows 10? In this guide, I will show you how to fix NVIDIA driver installer failed error. Method #1: Update Windows Somethings NVIDIA graphics cards need a higher Windows 10 version to avoid problems. The solution is to update Windows 10 using Windows Update. Press Winkey + I and […]

  • How To Fix DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION in Windows 10

    The blue screen of death DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION appears in the system of some Windows 10 users. The BSOD error DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSOD appears suddenly and reboots the operating system, causing lost work. The error code that shows is 0x00000133. Microsoft already knows about it and its fixed with the latest updates, but if you are experiencing this error, there seems to be a temporary solution. […]

  • How To Fix DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (0x0000009F)

    DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (0X0000009F), is usually related to drivers problems. Drivers are instructions given by the device to inform their computer how to interact with them – the keyboard controller is who records the keys that you tap as letters that appear on the screen. The drivers are for peripherals and almost all parts of the computer. So […]

  • How To Connect PS4 Controller on PC (Windows 10)

    If you have a video game console at home, you don’t need to buy another controller when you want to play on your Windows PC, because your PlayStation 4 controller can be used in your PC too. Today you will see how to configure your PS4 Controller to be able to use it in Windows 10. Unfortunately, it’s not […]

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