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  • How-to fix Windows Has Detected an IP Address Conflict

    Today on this tutorial, we will see how to fix the common error: Windows Has Detected an IP Address Conflict Each computer that connects to the network has a single IP address, which is unique and can’t be duplicated in the local network, to access the multiple functions offered by the Internet. One of the problems that many […]

  • How-To Fix Your Computer is Low on Memory on Windows

    The virtual memory is a hardware element that optimizes the execution of programs and applications efficiently, when you are low in memory Windows prompts you the following message: Your Computer is Low on Memory When you are low in RAM, the programs and processes work slowly. To fix this, Windows 10 incorporates virtual memory which serves as a […]

  • How-to Fix The Default Gateway is Not Available [SOLVED]

    We already see how to solve various errors of the operating system Windows 10, 8 or 7 about problems to connect to the Internet but today we will talk about the error: The default gateway is not available. However today I want to show you how to solve a specific problem in which you managed […]

  • [How-to FIX] The File is Too Large For The Destination File System

    Nowadays Flash Sticks and External HDD are wide and cheap and the systems bigger and more complex. That is why we shouldn’t be surprised that some files reach several Gigabytes in size, letting us to some errors like: The file is too large for the destination file system Sometimes when copying very large files from our […]

  • Hox-to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED in Google Chrome

    Google Chrome characterized by being among the most stable in the sector and with a large number of options. Although Chrome is probably the Web browser that fewer errors usually present, the sure thing is that it is not exempt from them at 100%. These problems are sometimes caused because the Internet connection doesn’t work […]

  • How-to Fix Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc0000142

    There are times when we try to run games or programs in Windows; we get the error 0xc0000142. This is due to problems with operating system registry or compatibility issues with the application or game you are trying to open. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application The error […]

  • How-to Fix Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

    One of the tasks that we frequently carry out in Windows 10 is to listen to our favorite songs through speakers or using headphones. Although by default the audio driver should generally work, on certain occasions we may find ourselves with headphones problems which prevent playing any sound on the computer. We usually can see the audio icon with […]

  • How-to Map Network Drive in Windows 10

    One of the everyday tasks that we carry out day by day is to share files with other users in the network or vice versa. You can have a specific drive so that there are stored various documents to access them frequently. Network mapping helps us in this task because thanks to this we can access in […]

  • How-to Fix DNS Server Not Responding in Windows [SOLVED]

    When the web browser can’t connect to the Internet, Windows shows its users the message “DNS server not responding.” This type of error can have many causes, but, in general, it can be solved in a few steps. Below, I present related information about the possible sources of this error and the most common solutions. What is a DNS? Domain […]

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