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  • How to Uninstall Programs & Apps on Windows 10

    On Windows, you can uninstall any app or program. This feature let you control some insecure or unwanted software (virus, malware) and remove it from your PC. When you have so many apps installed can slow down your computer or the boot process. So, its recommendable yo clean your Windows 10 often because this can save you […] More

  • How to Change File Extension (File Type) in Windows 10, 8 or 7

    Changing the file extension in Windows 10 isn’t recommended among inexperienced users since most of the time this action can end up in an unusable file. But for some, this is a helpful practice. In this tutorial, you will see how to modify the file extension by renaming them manually or by commands in Windows 10. […] More

  • How to Recover Deleted Files Easily in Windows [Free]

    One of the most popular tools to recover deleted files is Recuva, and for that reason today we will see how to use it to recover accidentally deleted files. What is Recuva? Recuva is a utility created to recover deleted files from the Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card or many other devices. You […] More

  • How To Fix Search Not Working in Windows 10

    Windows 10 is continuously updated, seeking to optimize all the features and processes that users perform daily but many times faced various problems. One of these features is the Windows 10 search, through which it is useful and functional to search for files, folders or applications. With the new versions of Windows 10, at certain times this search not working and […] More

  • How to Enable or Disable Hibernation in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

    Hibernation can save all your work, open apps and processes on the disk and you can turn off your computer saving more energy. Sometimes this option is by default disabled. So follow these steps to enable or disable hibernation in Windows 10. Method #1: Enable or Disable Hibernation – Graphical Way First, we are going to […] More

  • How to Fix Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

    One of the problems that you might have in Windows 10 is that the Start Menu or Cortana doesn’t work correctly. There are some ways to fix this problem, it may be enough to restart the computer, but it’s also possible that you have to reinstall Windows. Method #1: Restart your Computer This can be […] More

  • [Fix] Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage in Windows 10

    What is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry? Microsoft itself defines this process as a tool created to get technical data of devices. Sometimes this service makes excessive use of the disk without any reason. So, you will see how to disable this process to avoid that. Method #1: DisableTelemetry using Task Scheduler Windows task scheduler includes predefined tasks already stipulated by Microsoft. […] More

  • What Is Vulkan Runtime Libraries & What It Is For?

    Inevitably you came to this article because a program that you had not installed yourself and of which you do not know appeared on your computer: Vulkan RunTime, also known as Vulkan RT or Vulkan RunTime Libraries. To save you search time and not to have a hard time worrying about what is happening to your […] More

  • How to Make Google my Homepage on Windows (10, 8, 7)

    Every time you open your web browser, a page opens automatically. In many cases, it may be a blank page titled New tab, while in other cases predetermined search engines or sites that have been configured as a start page through toolbars or programs that you may have installed. Well, if what interests you is to […] More

  • [SOLVED] Wifi Connected But No Internet | No Internet, Secured

    The Internet has become an essential service already a fact. In this way, it becomes almost impossible to make use of many of the services that we are used to using daily without a quality Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, today we will explain how to fix one of the typical problems that we face as users: […] More

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