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  • How to Uninstall Geforce Experience on Windows 10

    Do you want to uninstall Geforce Experience from your PC? Well on this post I will show you an easy to do this. PC games are more accessible to run than ever, but adjusting the graphics settings, updating the drivers and recording the game can be complicated. Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software offers an easy interface […]

  • How to Fix PS4 Keeps Turning OFF By Itself

    ps4 blue light of death

    Your PS4 keeps turning off while you are playing? Well, in this post, I will show you some of the best methods to fix this annoying error. By now, many of you have likely suffered a PS4 error. From the famous blue light of death to the various error codes, through the classic “PS4 turns […]

  • How to Install iMessage on PC

    Do you want to use iMessage on PC? Well, in this post, I will show you two different method to install iMessage on your computer. Some people wonder if it’s possible to use iMessage on PC. Well, Yes, it is possible. You will doubt because all know that it is a native Apple app and although […]

  • How to Open JAR Files on Windows 10

    how to open jar files on windows 10

    Do you need to run JAR files on Windows 10? Well, on this post I will show you how open JAR files on Windows 10 easily. Windows apps usually come packaged in installers or executable files. The installer of an app has the MSI extension, while an executable file has the EXE extension. Sometimes, the […]

  • [FIX] IPv6 Showing No Internet Access on Windows

    Your IPv6 is showing the message No Internet Access? Well on this post I will show you how to fix the error: IPv6 Showing No Internet Access. In this tutorial, I will show you how to correctly configure the IPv6 protocol that is often responsible for the impossibility to establish Internet Access. Whether you receive […]

  • [FIX] Failed To Play Test Tone on Windows 10, 8, 7

    Do you see the error Failed to play a test tone? Well, on this post I will show you how to fix this annoying error on Windows. Some time ago, Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system, and many millions of users have already upgraded to Windows 10. During this time, I have […]

  • [FIX] TaskBar Showing in Fullscreen Error on Windows

    taskbar showing in fullscreen

    Does your taskbar keep showing when you enter in fullscreen mode? Well, on this post I will show you how to fix the error taskbar showing in fullscreen. One of the most recognized features of Windows 10 is undoubtedly its taskbar from which you will have the possibility to perform multiple actions such as: Access […]

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