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  • 6 Easy Ways Clear Cache in Windows 10 [How-to]

    Windows, browsers, and apps sometimes store data in your computer named Cache. This cache works great every time, but in some cases, this data can take too much space on your hard drive. Today, you will see how to remove this cache from Windows 10 and save you some space on your disk. Method #1: Clear […] More

  • How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone or iPad [iTunes]

    Syncing your iPhone or iPad to your computer is an essential thing to do. You can transfer your photos, create backups, listen to your music, etc. Your computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone when you are trying to connect to iTunes? Follow these steps to fix your problem quickly. Step #1: Install iTunes First, you need to […] More

  • How to Fix Slow Search in Windows 10 | Improve Search Index

    If you notice that the search index isn’t working regularly, you should watch this tutorial because it will solve this problem. I solve this problem on some computers already, and I want to share the fix with you. Improve Search Speed in Windows 10 Sometimes when you search files by name or file extension (*.jpg) […] More

  • 3 Easy Ways to Convert Web to PDF in Windows 10

    When you surf the web, you can find some valuable articles, information or news that you can read at the moment and you want to save to read them later. For that purpose is, a recommended to save the web in a PDF file. So, in this tutorial, you will learn how to convert web […] More

  • How to Set up a Microphone in Windows 10 [Laptop & Desktop]

    The microphone is one of the primary devices to have on a computer. If you want to talk in online video games or start a conference in Skype, it is necessary to have a microphone. So this time, I will teach you how to setup correctly your microphone in Windows 10. It’s straightforward but to make it […] More

  • How to Enable Windows Defender Application Guard [Microsoft Edge]

    Through this tutorial, you will learn to enable the new functionality of Windows 10 April 2018. What is the Windows Defender Application Guard? WDAG is a function designed to help prevent all types of attacks on the system; this allows the system always to be available and secure. This feature makes use of a hardware isolation approach, with […] More

  • How to Rotate Screen in Windows 10 [Laptop or PC]

    Sometimes you turn on your computer and your screen is upside down without any reason. Well, that happens when you make changes on your computer or install a new software. So, if you want to rotate your screen on your laptop or PC, follow these easy methods Method #1: Rotate Screen using Display Settings Right click on […] More

  • 8 Easy Ways to Open the Control Panel in Windows 10

    Undoubtedly, the Control Panel is the Windows 10 option that most helps us with the settings. So, its necessary to know the ways you can open the Control Panel in Windows 10 Method #1: Open Control Panel using Hotkey You can open the Control Panel using the Run window Press the keys Winkey + R Type the […] More

  • How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

    Having an iPhone is wonderful until that annoying day comes when you cant take more photos because your memory is full. There are several things you can do to protect your valuable gallery of images and videos, including creating a backup copy of your files. If you are a Windows user, the process is somewhat […] More

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