5 Ways To Optimize Your PC for Games To The Highest Performance

This is how you can optimize gaming performance on your Windows 10 PC to the highest performance. Keep in mind that, with each new update of programs and games, the need for optimization becomes less, as developers focus on making their games run at the highest possible performance.

Windows is an essential platform in the gaming world and is recognized for its performance compared to gaming consoles. With incremental Windows 10 updates annually, PC games are improving, thanks to special software optimizations for games.

However, those who have to settle for a low-income PC, due to budget constraints, have to overlook massive games.

Optimize Windows 7/8/10 Optimally for Games

1. Adjust Visual Effects for the Best Performance

Windows 10 has an excellent user interface (this is purely subjective) and all effects consume a lot of resources. When you are playing, the graphical user interface of Windows continues to operate in the background, leading to unnecessary consumption. Fortunately, there is a way to adjust the visual effects of Windows.

All you have to do is look for “performance” in Cortana and click on “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.”

The “Performance Options” window will open, and you will have to select the “Adjust for best performance” option and click on “Apply.”

Also, make sure that the “Advanced” tab is set to improve performance for programs.

2. Choose a Better Power Plan

Windows computers always come with balanced settings in the default power plan settings, and this slightly affects the performance of the game.

On a desktop computer, you do not need to worry about the power, as the power comes directly from the power source. The “High-Performance Energy Plan ” makes your computer forget about energy savings and attracts as much energy as possible to keep things running smoothly.

To allow this, use the keyboard shortcut “WIN + X” and select “Power options” and select the option “high performance.”

3. Overclock CPU and GPU

Before reading further, keep in mind that overclocking the CPU or GPU can cause a loss of stability or shorten the life of the component. However, the benefits are significant: the games become smoother and faster, an increase in the number of FPS and much more.

You can manually accelerate a PC if you are clear about how this technique works or you can use overclocking software such as Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Intel-based motherboards or AMD OverDrive technology for AMD-based systems. These programs can help users with Overclocking and monitor a system to its full potential.

However, it is recommended not to overclock a laptop, since the heat dissipation is not as excellent as a desktop PC and can lead to overheating of its components.

Top Apps to Optimize Windows 10 for Games

1. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is the most popular PC-oriented system optimization program. First, explore all the programs that can be considered a game and then assign the system resources to them when necessary.

Also, it kills all unnecessary background processes and manages the amount of RAM or the number of cores for a particular game. The result is softer gameplay and shorter delays.

It has some useful features, such as a quick-touch screen and a frame accelerator. It even allows you to defragment the section of your hard drive containing the game to increase performance.

Download ( Free )

2. Wise Game Booster

If you want a hassle-free and straightforward game optimization program, then Wise Game Booster will be a good choice. You can almost consider this as a task manager application with a focus on the game.

The best thing about Wise Game Booster is the simplicity of its operation. Also, it is very light on system resources. The scan passes fast, and optimization solutions are instant. The application is free and is a simple solution to get the best performance of games on an old or low-income PC.

Download ( Free )

3. Tool Whiz Game Boost

It is a straightforward optimization application with a lot of convincing features. This is the only application that allows you to choose how you want to “increase” your games.

The “GameBoost” mode can either defragment the installation path of your games in the unit or close all unnecessary Windows processes with useful resources. The application can even turn off Windows updates, keyboard hotkeys and so on.

Download ( Free )

4. Game Fire 5

It is another optimization app that can increase the performance of games on your PC efficiently. The software claims that they have a ” real-time optimization ” feature that they can actively control, as well as eliminating unnecessary processes in the background to optimize the gaming experience.

There are many performance improvement features such as a disk defragmentation utility, the tuning configuration tool, application optimizer and many more.

Game Fire 5 is suitable for advanced and novice players. There is a paid version that has many features such as advanced optimization tools and premium support 24/7.

Download ( Free ) ( Full version $ 19.95 )

Optimize Graphics Card for Heavy Games

If you have a laptop or a high-end desktop computer, then you will notice the presence of software such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Gaming Evolved on your desktop. This type of software comes together with the driver of the graphics card and tries to optimize the game with the appropriate settings for a game mode without lags.

Along with the latest version of DirectX 12 in Windows 10, tend to improve performance depending on your machine. You need to update the drivers from time to time to get the best out of your games.

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