How To View Instagram Photos At Full Size [Quick Tip]

Every day many active users enter to Instagram in search of knowing everything that their followers have published, or to post themselves new content and make their profile more attractive.

Undoubtedly this platform collects millions of photos of its users, and it’s possible that at some time you have raised the possibility of being able to see a full-size photograph since it is minimal.

One of the examples is the famous profile photo which is very small.

Here’s how you can see at full size both the photos on Instagram and also the profile photo with a simple method.

How To View Instagram Photos at Full Size

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account and click on the date of the photo:
    hours ago instagram photo
  2. On the photo URL, add to the end the following: media/?size=l
  3. will see that a new tab opens with the image in full size:
    instagram photo full size

You can repeat this process with the profile picture.

Tools to View Instagram Photo in Full Size

There are many tools or web pages that offer to download Instagram profile photos, but the truth is that most do not allow downloading the profile photos in full size. Even if you try manually, the photo that will be downloaded will be a thumbnail, not full size.

Now, I will show you some of the best websites that let you see the profile Instagram photos at full size and downloaded them.

The websites that I’m going to show below work in much the same way and are straightforward to use. To download any Instagram profile photo of some of your friends, followers or users of the social network, the first thing you will have to know is the URL of the profile photo or post from Instagram.

Instagram Profile Downloader

instagram profile picture

One of the sites from which you can download Instagram photos at full size is Instagram Profile Downloader. As soon as you go to the website from the browser, it will ask you to indicate the user name on Instagram from which you want to download the profile picture, it will automatically proceed to its recognition and in case everything goes well, it will show you the profile picture of that person’s full-size Instagram.


instagram photo at full size

The same can be done from the InstaDP website. Just go to the site, type the username of Instagram and click on the button View Picture, you will see the Instagram profile photo at full size. It does not show a button for download, but by clicking with the right mouse button on the picture, you can download it.

GramPhotos (This tool is currently unavailable)


GramPhotos is another of the websites that allow you to view and download the profile picture of any Instagram user at full size. To do this, go to the site, type the username and click on the Submit button. Automatically it will open a page with the Instagram profile photo at full size and the options to save, perform a new search or view the most searched or recently viewed profile photos in this online service.

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As easy as following the quick tutorial or visiting those excellent tools, you can get the profile picture from your family and friends at full size. Have you been able to do it? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. I’m looking at a post with 3 images (you can click the arrow on the picture to cycle through them). When you click the date, and then past this into the url, it only opens the 1st of the 3 pics in full size and there is no option to see the other 2 pics… Any workaround for this? The url is the same for all 3 pictures since they all belong to the same post.

  2. only way I know how is to do the same process, add code

    then go into the “Inpect element” of the page and change the parameters of the pages to make the image larger

  3. I can’t see the parameters of the other images to amend view at large size. Can someone explain or have another method to view the other images at full size?

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