How To View Instagram Photos At Full Size [Quick Tip]

Every day many active users enter to Instagram in search of knowing everything that their followers have published, or to post themselves new content and make their profile more attractive.

Undoubtedly this platform collects millions of photos of its users, and it’s possible that at some time you have raised the possibility of being able to see a full-size photograph since it is minimal.

One of the examples is the famous profile photo which is very small.

Here’s how you can see at full size both the photos on Instagram and also the profile photo with a simple method.

How To View Instagram Photos at Full Size

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account and click on the date of the photo:
    hours ago instagram photo
  2. On the photo URL, add to the end the following: media/?size=l
  3. will see that a new tab opens with the image in full size:
    instagram photo full size 

You can repeat this process with the profile picture.

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