How To Fix Error Desktop Icons Not Showing in Windows 10

We show you how to fix the error desktop icons not showing on Windows 10.

Method #1: Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 implements new features focused on the users of touch devices, which requires more space, a better visual order and a better structure at the design level in the system.

Just with this type of use of Windows 10 on touch devices, such as Tablets, a Tablet Mode mode exists, with which you can run the risk of icons disappearing from your desktop.

To check the status in this way in Windows 10:

Go to the menu Start > Settings > System Winkey + I and there go to the section “Tablet Mode.”

There we must confirm that the tablet mode switch is off.

Method #2: Disconnect Second Monitors in Windows 10

Although it is not so often that this type of situation affects the desktop icons in Windows 10, the use of two monitors can influence the icons of the desktop to disappear, but its solution is quite simple, merely disconnect the second monitor and connect again.

Method #3: Check That Desktop Icons Are Visible

Another simple solution that we can verify to verify that our icons are visible on the desktop is to right-click on a free place on the desktop and select  View > Show desktop icons

If this line has a verification sign, this will indicate that they are already visible or not.

Method #4: Create New Files On The Desktop

This option allows us to verify that when creating a new item, it is visible on the desktop.

For this, right click on the desktop and select the “New” option and there we will select the type of element to be created:

Method #5: Sort Icons By Name in Windows 10

When we use two monitors, in some situations the icons are not visible from one monitor to another, but with ordering the icons by their names, we will have them active in our main desk.

To achieve this, right click on the desktop and select the option Sort by > Name.

Method #6: Enable Icons Windows 10 Settings

Configuration utility can enable or disable the icons that must be visible on the desktop in Windows 10, so it is a good reason to verify that none of them is disabled there.

Let’s go to the menu:

  • Start > Settings Winkey + I > Personalization > Themes

Select the option “Desktop icon settings” on the left side, and the following will be displayed.

There, activate the boxes that are not visible on the desktop.

Method #7: Disable Full-screen Mode in Windows 10

This is a Windows 10 function that allows us to use the entire screen for the system and its use can hide the desktop icons.

To check if it is active or not, go to:

  • Start > Settings Winkey + I > Personalization > Start

There, check if the “Use Start full screen” switch is inactive.

Method #8: Rebuild Icons Cache

This option allows us to restore the cache of the icons and in many cases, it fix the error.

For this, go to:


Right-click on the “IconCache” file and select the “Delete” option.

Empty the recycling bin and proceed to restart the system, so that creates a new IconCache file.

With some of these methods, we will give a possible correction to this error and in this way avoid this type of inconvenience.

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  1. Dear colleagues,
    This instructions did not help me, my desktop computer does not accept right click as well, I do not what mistakenly was changed from me. However I do know how I can re appear everything in the screen, it seems that everything in the screen is dis-activated. Thanks
    Bromand Abasy

  2. Thanks a million!

    The suggestions are set out in order of liklihood and difficulty.
    Number 3 sorted it out for me.

    I wish all windows help was so well thaught out..

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