How the creators of World of Warcraft pay attention to user feedback on the example of Dragonflight

It’s no surprise that World of Warcraft (Wow) and Blizzard as a corporation have had some tremendously difficult times in recent years. Players did not respond well to Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, thus it will take until the next addition to restore the community’s integrity.

Although World of Warcraft Dragonfly is still a fair distance off, the original announcement gave fans hope that Blizzard had listened to their feedback and made improvements to the game. The following are some of the key reasons why fans may be wary about further growth.

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New class, new dungeons, and raids

A new class or race is a certain method to get gamers enthusiastic about a new expansion. Despite the reality that the Draktir race is for the new Challenger class, it provides fans with a fresh appearance and a class that is expected to be very different from the current classes, which have been in existence since 2016. Since first seeing Kalecgos in The Burning Crusade, many players have desired to have the chance to play as a dragon.

As for the new dungeons on Dragon Isles, players will “fight to regain Neltarus, the Black Dragonhold, explore the previously hidden passageways of Uldaman, guard the red Dragonflight waters of life, and more!” in the upcoming dungeons on Dragon Isles. Only three of the new dungeons are listed, albeit one of them looks to be a remake of the original World of Warcraft’s Uldaman dungeon.

In terms of raids, it looks that the ancient Prison of Primal Incarnations will be visited sooner rather than later. They can utilize their nefarious abilities to harm the Dragon Aspects. The players are unaware of the Primal Incarnations, but this can only be linked to the Dragonflight we’ve seen outside of the usual five flights.

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UI update

Many things have changed in World of Warcraft throughout the years, but one thing has remained constant: the user interface. The add-on developers have mostly focused on providing players with a more modern and customizable user interface, but Blizzard has finally updated the in-game user interface with the Dragonflight expansion.

The Blizzard team seems to have been hard at work updating the UI and HUD while keeping the old version’s flavour and charm. They reduced clutter and increased the size of crucial features just like minimap and life bars. The most significant improvement in quality of life is the ability to move and adapt all UI and HUD components to the player’s preference. This results in a distinct and modular look for each player.

Characters and even specialities can be used to save and switch UI profiles. The legendary griffin bar has been redesigned to match a contemporary style as a gesture of goodwill. They also made a wyvern variant for Horde gamers.

Fans who want to keep utilizing their customized user interface add-ons can do this for free. The purpose of this upgrade is to allow players who wish to play with few or no add-ons to do so by utilizing in-game resources.

Reworked talent system

Activision Blizzard wants to provide players with the ability to customize their experience as they proceed through the expansion at their own speed. The end result is a redesigned talent tree with two options for players. Each level awards talent points, which may be spent to unlock talents in the various trees.

The class tree gives you access to valuable talents, while the speciality tree improves your aggressive and healing powers. Simply said, one tree increases your class-specific talents, while the other enhances your character’s general attributes in roles like healer, tank, or DPS.

You may reset your scores at any time, however, it’s easier to make builds in these trees and store them to load later. This allows you to create a healer build when your squad is ready to raid and employ a different skill set during the day when you want to focus on PvP.

Redefining professions

Dragonflight’s professions have been completely overhauled. The idea of this new version is to make you feel that your crafting efforts are appreciated and that players will seek you out depending on your reputation and skill trading advancement. In recent expansions, professions have mostly felt like an afterthought, but the addition of work assignments and the opportunity to collaborate with other players to earn rare crafting materials appears to be a good start toward making them feel significant again.

Crafting Orders is an entirely new method of obtaining the goods you want. You may now browse all of the products that can be produced in the game, arrange the materials needed to manufacture them, and submit orders to any player in the game using an auction house-like interface. It’s essentially a simplified version of the trading chat that’s been there for years in World of Warcraft. There is, however, one crucial distinction. These objects may be customized, allowing you to utilize items that previously required a professional to use. This should provide the players with several opportunities.

Blizzard is also adding crafting quality with this move. This is a means to track your crafting abilities and get access to the greatest gear as you develop your talents by fulfilling orders or making stuff for yourself. Furthermore, you can expand your craft specialities even further. Spending points on these specialities will improve your talent, allowing you to stand out among your guild’s craftsmen.

New gear sets will also be available, adding variety and improving crafting stats. You don’t need to make room in your backpack for collecting tools any longer. They will have their respective dedicated slot, allowing you to work with more alternatives.


Flying matters

The latest World of Warcraft expansion appears to be appealing to those who enjoy flying. In Dragon Riding, players will soar on one of the add-ons dragons. Gamers will be able to uncover four distinct dragons during the expansion, one for each area of the Dragon Isles. Flying differs from the other flying mounts in the game in that you may climb on the head of one of the dragons and fly to the sky, albeit the procedure will seem more like glide than genuine flying at first.

However, you will be able to upgrade your dragons’ abilities and have them learn new moves as you progress, and by the end, they will no doubt be looping with the best of them.

Players will be able to acquire and unlock new flight skills, including new animations, as the expansion proceeds. These unlocks will allow players to explore sections of the world that are not accessible by standard flying, thereby creating a new exploration system that improves over time.

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