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    How-to Fix DNS Server Not Responding in Windows [SOLVED]

    When the web browser can’t connect to the Internet, Windows shows its users the message “DNS server not responding.” This type of error can have many causes, but, in general, it can be solved in a few steps. Below, I present related information about the possible sources of this error and the most common solutions. What is a DNS? Domain […]

  • Torch Browser

    Torch Browser, a browser that emphasizes the multimedia section. It incorporates a tool that allows you to save audio or video content directly from the Internet. It also allows you to play videos while downloading and includes a torrent client to download without having to leave the browser itself. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next […]

  • Comodo Dragon Browser

    Like SRWare Iron, this Chromium-based browser disables Google Chrome features that compromise privacy. Disable the suggestions in the navigation bar, the error system, the PDF reader, the secure Google navigation or Google translate. Users can even configure their computers to use Comodo DNS. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list

  • SRWare Iron

    Another browser focused on privacy that seeks to eliminate all functions integrated into Google Chrome that compromise it. To do this, it takes a different path from its rivals. Instead of including new features, what it does is eliminate the functions added on Google Chrome that endanger our privacy. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next […]

  • Epic Browser

    Again, a browser that puts privacy first. It always runs one incognito mode for browsing and removes cookies and cache history when we close it. Finally, it blocks the sending of any information to Google. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list

  • Brave Browser

    A browser created by the co-founders of Mozilla that blocks by default the tracking that users suffer from web pages in addition to intrusive ads that worsen the quality of navigation. It doesn’t support Google Chrome extensions. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list

  • Yandex Browser

    Browser born in 2012 that has gained a lot of popularity because of the additional security features it incorporates. One of the most outstanding is the support for DNSCrypt technology that encrypts DNS traffic. Besides, it also automatically encrypts when you connect to a public WiFi network. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View […]

  • Opera Neon

    An experimental version of the previous one based on Chromium and betting on a different concept. Eyelashes placed in the form of circles on the right side, something we have not seen to date. Also, it has some improvements such as the split screen or an integrated capture tool. Support for Chrome extensions has been […]

  • Opera

    One of the classics (he has been with us for 20 years) that has had to reinvent himself to survive. Undoubtedly, its one of the most complete at the level of functions with some as Turbo Mode, blocking advertising, VPN included or protection against the cryptocurrency mining. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View […]

  • Vivaldi Browser

    One of the noisiest since its launch, created by the original head of Opera. This browser adapts its appearance to the web page that we are visiting and offers many customization options. Also, it includes special functions such as the possibility of making annotations on web pages or support for mouse gestures. But without a […]

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    How to Edit, Add or Remove Exif Data in Windows 10

    Most of us, store a large number of photos that capture various stages of our life or moments. Images that surely after you want to edit and maybe share them on social networks. What many don’t know is that in Windows 10 you have the possibility to perform multiple tasks on the metadata of an image and thus adjust each image according […]

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