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    5+ Best Firewall for Windows 10


    Do you want to secure your online surfing? Well, check this list of the best firewall for Windows 10. The firewall of your computer is an essential tool for the security of your computer. It will stop unauthorised connections when accessing your device and can help you avoid malware infections. Windows has a built-in series, […]

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    How to Loop Youtube Videos on Android, iOS & Windows

    youtube video

    Do you want to listen to your favourite music forever? Well, check this tutorial about how to loop youtube videos on Android, iOS, Windows. Today, social networks have become an essential tool for many users who, through them, communicate with their friends and invest their leisure time browsing through them. In the case of YouTube, […]

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    10+ Best Wifi Analyzer for Windows 10/8/7

    wifi analyzer

    Do you want to analyze your WIFI network? Well, check this list of the best WIFI Analyzer for Windows. These WIFI Analyzers will provide essential details about known and unknown aspects of your Wi-Fi network. Each of these tools provides the necessary wireless information: SSID, signal strength, channels, MAC addresses, and security status. Some may […]

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    5+ Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

    irfanview best photo viewer for windows 10

    Do you want some alternatives to view your photos on Windows 10? Check this list of the best photo viewer for Windows 10. Traditionally, Windows Photo Viewer has been quite limited in functionalities, being one of the worst the full-screen display of specific content. Photos of Windows 10 improved that and also added easy photo […]

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    Are you having problems accessing some websites? And more specifically, do you get the error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when entering websites that previously didn’t give you problems? This error usually occurs in the Google Chrome browser.  And it can appear for different reasons Is this the message that appears?: A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported […]

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    How-to Fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in Google Chrome

    ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE is a problem that occurs in the Google Chrome browser. It happens due to wrong settings on the computer, in the browser or the antivirus. This error is usually accompanied by a message that says: No data received. The fix to this problem is quite easy; you have to follow what I will explain to you next. The […]

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    How-to Fix WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration [Error]

    Many users can sometimes see that their WiFi Internet connection doesn’t work. We leave this guide so that you can fix the WiFi error: WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration Windows 10 has been one of the great innovations developed by Microsoft to gain more users through a friendly, compatible, innovative and secure environment. The vast majority of users who have switched to Windows 10 have […]

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