3 Ways How Your Business Will Benefit from a VPN

Nobody wants this Internet service provider (ISP) knowing what they are up to, especially when they are known for sharing such information with everybody from marketers to pressure groups. Having your ISP know what you do with your Internet use gives them a massive insight into how you are running your business, which may be fine for a start-up company, but as your company grows it puts you at higher and higher risk.

Using VPN means your Internet service provider has no idea what you are doing with your Internet usage. That is a small but important way that your business benefits from VPN? As a strong leader, you need to seriously consider joining the rest of the online community and using VPN services. Also if you need to prepare an essay on this topic, you always can type a request “type my essay” and professional writers will save your time and do it for you in time. This article offers three other ways in which your business benefits from using VPN services.

1. It Makes You More Difficult To Target Online

When you use a VPN, your use is encrypted from your desktop or phone app. This signal goes to the VPN servers, where you then use the Internet. The information comes back to the server, which is then encrypted and sent back to you.

You may ask how that is supposed to protect you. After all, between the VPN server and the servers hosting the websites and services you visit, there is no encryption. This is true, but it is a numbers game. The VPN servers are being used by thousands of people at a time. People who manage to intercept your signal will either see encrypted data, or they will see what thousands of people have been using the Internet for. There is no way to tell which websites you visited and which services you used because your use is mixed in with everybody else’s.

VPN Just to Help Me Hide Among The Crowd?

Your anonymity is a form of safety in numbers. If somebody hacks their way in, they can see what is being done, but not who is doing it. Even by the process of elimination, they cannot be sure what you have been doing on the Internet. The fact you cannot be targeted is what makes you safe.

As a target, you are covered in a great many areas, from your online profiles and password protection to attacks on your servers and the strain in your spam catchers. Not only does it make phishing harder (your emails go from stating your name to not using a name at all), but not being able to target you also means it is very difficult to collect information on you. Collecting information is what online criminals do to defraud you or other people, or snatch financial information, steal your identity, or hold your company for ransom. VPN makes online criminal’s lives a lot harder.

2. Remove The Hassle That Comes with National Barriers

Take the real-life example of a small UK company trying to arrange various transport routes across the USA. A logistics worker in the United Kingdom wanted information from a US website on all-terrain tire specs. Yet, every time he went onto the relevant website, he was redirected to the UK version of the website. He tried an affiliate link directed at the page, also using a web browser where cookies wouldn’t save, and it re-directed him to the European version of the website with no option to change the settings to the USA version. In the end, he had to use the Google search engine and read a text-only cached version that Google had saved, (which for all he knows could have been out of date).

This problem could have been solved in just a few seconds and with just a few clicks of the mouse. If the UK logistics expert had VPN, he could have logged out of his UK server, logged in to a USA server, and the relevant website would have shown the USA version of the website by default.

Getting VPN Just to See Foreign Websites?

For starters, do not underestimate the convenience of being able to access websites around the world if you are running a small to medium business. But, gaining access to other country’s websites and jumping over international censorship boundaries is just a part of what VPN offers. Do not forget that VPN users can exploit international price differences, and currency differences, and can access foreign portals that would be otherwise blocked off, such as legitimate sharing services or legitimate cryptocurrency services. It is more than just the ability to look up tires in a different country.

3. Remote Working Becomes Very Much Safer

As mentioned earlier, online criminals need as much information about your company, your systems, and your employees as possible. The more information they have, the easier it is for them to make their money. When you have people working in the office, you can ensure their safety and compliance because they are your machines for which you have full control. When it comes to people working from home, you have very little control over their security.

You may have your workers or freelancers sign into a remote working portal, but even if you use the best security, you cannot guarantee that your users are using safe machines. For all you know, they could have spyware on their computers that monitor all their Internet use. For all you know, they may use a risky subscription service, Internet service, or have malware embedded in their phone apps or desktop software. One of the ways you can make remote working safer is to have them sign into your VPN service whenever they are working. Do this, and you protect your company from potential threats, even if the user doesn’t use a VPN when they are using their computer for personal use.

Safer and Faster Working Situations?

Every Internet service provider that offers unlimited Internet has a fair use clause. This means that they may throttle a user’s Internet speeds at any point, without warning, and for as long as they like. They can do this if they feel a customer is using too much Internet, but they never quantify how much too much is.

Let’s say your user has been downloading the Arkham Batman games on his or her games console for the last two days, that person’s ISP may decide that too much Internet is being used and so throttle that person’s Internet speeds. Then, when that same person tries to do some work, connecting is slow, loading is slugging, and uploading and downloading go very slow. When a user uses VPN, the Internet service provider cannot be sure who is using which service, and so doesn’t throttle Internet use.

This works well for companies too since many have to use sharing tools like BitTorrent to share large files between employees, and this may also prompt the ISP to throttle Internet speeds. Again, if VPN is being used, then speeds are not throttled and your employees can work at a normal pace. This function alone is enough to justify the use of VPN services when using remote workers, but when you ally this with how much online protection your VPN service offers, you can see how the use of VPN does benefit your business in a significant way. Just beware of using free VPN services because the speed benefits are often very lacking.

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