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  • How-to Enable AdBlock Warning Removal List in Adblock PLus

    adblock detected

    Do you want to enable Adblock Warning Removal List on Adblock? Check this tutorial with steps you can follow in any browser. What is Adblock Warning Removal List? Have you ever entered any website and a message like this has appeared? Do not worry, although it is quite annoying and makes you feel as if […]

  • How-to Run Microsoft Edge in Windows 7 and 8

    edge windows 8

    Do you want to use Microsoft Edge but you don’t have Windows 10? Check this tutorial about how to run Microsoft Edge in Windows 7 and 8. Internet Explorer had its boom time, where most users who connected to the Internet did so through that browser. However, this browser did not adapt to the new […]

  • How-to Create ISO from DVD or Files in Windows 10

    create iso windows 10

    Do you want to create an ISO on Windows 10? On this post, I will show you a tutorial about how to create an ISO file from DVD in Windows 10. Creating an ISO image of the current operating system is a great idea as far as backup and availability are concerned since at any […]

  • Download iTunes Offline Installer for Windows 10 [64/32-bit]

    itunes offline installer

    Do you want to download iTunes offline installer? On this post, I will leave direct download to iTunes and how to update it. Surely if you are a user of the well-known brand Apple, it will sound like you have heard multiple times about the iTunes app. This is a multimedia content store through which […]

  • Run Windows Update from Command Line (CMD) & PowerShell

    install windows update module powershell

    Do you want to update your Windows through commands? On this tutorial, I will show you can run Windows Update from Command Line (CMD) or Powershell. To begin I will say that the Windows Update function is one of the most prominent and known Windows 10 since the system was launched, Microsoft itself offered this […]

  • How to Use & Open MSConfig in Windows 10 [Basics Tutorial]

    msconfig windows 10

    Do you want to know how to open and use MSConfig in Windows 10? On this post, I will talk about MSConfig and how to use it. It is popularly known as Msconfig, and its full name is Microsoft’s System Configuration. It is not in sight of the average user of Windows, like Control Panel, […]

  • How to Boot Windows 8 or 8.1 in Safe Mode

    windows 8.1 safe mode

    Do you need to boot in safe mode? Check this tutorial to learn how to start Windows 8 / 8.1 in safe mode. Sometimes due to different causes, the operating system does not start correctly. These can be the installation of an incompatible device, a conflicting program or application, an unexpected power outage without having […]

  • 6 Easy Ways to Find My Windows 10 Product Key

    find product key registry editor

    Do you know what your product key is? On this post, I will show you a tutorial about how to find my Windows 10 product key. As many of you know, product keys are one of how software developers protect their products against piracy. Unfortunately, they are easy to lose, which can be a real […]

  • Email Attachment Size Limit for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail

    gmail attachment size limit

    Do you want to know the email attachment size limit for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail? Check this post about it. By default, there is an email attachment size limit on almost all email services providers. Sometimes this limit can be increased. For example, in Gmail, you can increase this limit using Google Drive. So, […]

  • How to Retract or Recall an Email in Outlook

    how to retract an email in outlook

    Do you want to undo a sent email? On this post, I will show you how to retract or recall an email in Outlook. Imagine this situation: You have just finished your work for the strictest teacher you have, you have added a presentation and excellent multimedia resources to increase your chances of a superior […]

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