About WindowsHelper

Hi, Welcome to WindowsHelper!

My name is Augusto Dueñas from Peru. I’m the creator of this website and the only writer (looking for writers friends)

I think that nobody reads the About Pages these days.

So I’m very happy that you ended here and don’t worry I will be quick

WindowsHelper is my attempt to bring something useful to the Windows Users (Community).

I am going to write Tutorials, Guides, Help, News, and anything related to Windows.

If you want to get in touch with me, leave me a comment, I always will answer the comments because I want to know your feedback.

Also if you found some grammatical error or wrong information on this website, let me know to update that post.

I hope this web grows big and give some good friends in the process.

To contact me you can use the Contact Page or email me directly to admin(at)windowshelper.co

Thanks for reading this! 😀