Windows 7 SP1 Language Packs [Direct Download Links]

Do you want to install a new language on Windows 7? On this post, I will leave direct download links to all Windows 7 language packs.

Each PC comes with a default Windows language and is in which the texts of windows, menus or the rest of elements of the operating system are shown.

Another thing is the keyboard language, which may or may not coincide with the Windows language. If when writing you do not get what you should you need to configure your keyboard correctly.

It is possible to install additional Windows languages, in addition to the base language. And alternate between them putting the one you prefer in each case.

I’m talking about the Windows 7 language packs, and many users need some of these packs to complement their software. Windows 7 language packs are available through Windows Update as an optional upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise only, but today from here, I will provide you with the complete list of all available languages packs ​​in 32-bit and 64-bit.


Note that if too many additional language packs are installed, disk space and system performance may be affected. In particular, disk space and system performance are affected during service operations, such as Service Pack installations (KB972813). Therefore, it is recommended only to add a language pack, which you need exclusively.

Download Windows 7 Language Packs

On the following table, I will leave all the languages available for Windows 7, choose the one you want according to your Windows architecture.

Change Language in Windows 7

Once you download and install your desired language pack on your Windows 7, follow these steps to change it.

1. Type in the search on the Start Menu the word: language
2. Click on the Change display language option in the results list.
3. Now there will be a drop-down list under Choose a display language. Click on the list and choose [your language] and Press OK.

windows 7 language pack

For the language to change, it is necessary to restart the user’s session. Windows informs you of this through a warning window. Close everything you have open first and then confirm by pressing Log off now.

Wrapping Up

As easy as that downloading your desired language pack you can add a new language yo your Windows 7 and be able to work or study comfortably.

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