Windows 10 TaskBar Not Working? 11 Ways To Fix This Error!

You Windows 10 taskbar is not working? On this post, I will show you some of the best methods to fix this error easily.

One of the elements that have been present in all Windows operating systems is the taskbar through which we have the option to access utilities such as the task manager or add shortcuts to the most visited applications or websites.

Now, let’s see some way to fix your taskbar when doesn’t work as expected.

Method #1: Restart Windows 10 Explorer

When we restart the Windows 10 explorer, the one that is responsible for managing desktop, taskbar and more, the taskbar will also be reset, which can help us solve this problem and optimize its use.

To achieve this, we must access the Task Manager running the command:


Go to the Processes tab and there, right click on “Windows Explorer” and select the option “Restart.”

Method #2: Restart Windows System

In some cases, specific processes or services may affect the behavior of some elements of Windows 10 because in this case, practical advice is to restart the computer.

windows 10 taskbar not working

Method #3: Use the Troubleshoot Start Menu Tool

Microsoft has designed a free tool to diagnose and fix problems of the Start menu and the taskbar; you can download the tool here:

Download Troubleshoot Start Menu

Once downloaded, we proceed to its execution, it is a portable utility, and we will see the following:

windows 10 taskbar not working

Click on the “Next” button and will initiate the error detection task in the taskbar or the Start menu.

When a bug is detected, it will be displayed, and we can find a solution for it.

Method #4: Create a New User Account in Windows 10

If the taskbar doesn’t work with any of the previous solutions, another option is to create a new local user account and verify if the taskbar works appropriately.

If the taskbar works without problems, we can move all the files from the current user account to the new one and install the programs that are required.

To create a new local user account go to the menu “Start > Settings > Accounts,” in the window displayed we go to the section “Family and other people“:

Click on the button “Add someone else to this PC” and follow the steps of the wizard to create local accounts.

Method #6: Reset Windows 10

If finally none of the proposed solutions generates an optimal result, the last option we can resort to is to restore, or reinstall, Windows 10.

This option is integrated into the system itself and allows us to keep the files if necessary.

For this, go to the menu “Start > Settings > Update & Security” and there we go to the “Recovery” section:

windows 10 taskbar not working

Click on the “Get Started” button located in the “Reset this PC” field and there it will be possible to define whether or not we keep the files.

Method #7: DISM to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

It is possible that suddenly the icons of the programs of the Windows 10 taskbar disappear, in addition to other tools such as the clock, and to solve it you must run some commands in the command prompt window, but it is easier than it seems.

First press the key combination Winkey + Q and type the word: cmd
Rightclick on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
When the Command Prompt opens, copy and paste the following codes in order:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

Restart your PC and check if the Windows 10 taskbar not working error is fixed.

This process takes a bit, and it is possible that /RestoreHealth or /ScanHealth gets stuck in 20 or 40%. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Method #8: Update Drivers to Fix Windows 10 TaskBar Not Working

The Windows 10 interface has various visual effects and therefore requires that the graphics and sound drivers work correctly, so conflict with these can be the cause of Windows 10 taskbar not working error.

To check if this is the case, you can update the drivers of your graphics card to the latest offered by the manufacturer, or disable the automatic updates of Windows 10, which can sometimes give problems with the drivers.

To update your graphics drivers I recommend you to go to your manufacturer website and download the latest version, but you can also try to find the drivers using Windows, for that follow these steps:

Press the key combination Winkey + Q and type Device Manager
On the results click on Device Manager
Click on the Section display adapter and right click on your current Graphic Card and select update driver.

windows 10 taskbar not working

A new window will appear where you need to choose the option: Search automatically for updated driver software

Now, you only need to wait for Windows 10 to search the most recent driver for your graphics and hopefully that could fix the Windows 10 taskbar not working error.

Method #9: Disable Malicious Add-ons

Probably there is a program or add-on in Windows Explorer that affects the operation of the taskbar, and you must identify it to eliminate it from your system and solve the problem.

The best way to identify it is to start your Windows 10 in selective startup and go deactivating services until you know which of them affects the taskbar. To do that, follow these steps:

Press the key combination Winkey + R and type the command msconfig and press Enter.

In the general tab, select the Selective startup option, uncheck the Load startup items option and make sure that the other two options are checked.

Now go to the Services tab and select the option Hide all Microsoft services and click on Disable all.

disable all services

Click on Apply and Restart the computer.

When starting Windows 10, the taskbar should be working correctly. All you have to do is go back into the services tab and activate them little by little until you know which is generating the conflict. When you discover it, you can uninstall it or disable it from that same panel to fix the Windows 10 taskbar not working error.

Method #10: Command Prompt

Sometimes, some users have reported that the taskbar is regular in appearance, but doesn’t respond to any click you make on it, which can be quite frustrating.

This problem is very uncommon, and the solution for it involves using certain commands that remove Windows 10 apps, including the store, so be very careful when following these steps, and use them as the last alternative:

Press the key combination Winkey + Q and type cmd

Rightclick on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator

Now one by one copy and run the following commands:

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online

Restart your computer and check that the taskbar is working correctly.

Since following these steps will have uninstalled the Windows 10 app store, you must install it again if you want to use it.

Method #11: Reregister the Taskbar to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

If you have applied any of the solutions in this guide, but the problem reappeared, you can try this solution, but first I recommend making a backup. It consists of inserting a command in the PowerShell tool, which will restore the taskbar to an initial state.

First, Press the Winkey and type PowerShell

Right-click on PowerShell and select Run as administrator

Now copy and paste the following command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage 
-DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Open the File Explorer and make sure you have the function of showing hidden items activated

Go to the following path: C:/Users/XXXXX/AppData/Local/ (changing XXXXX by your username)

delete tiledatalayer folder

Find the folder named TileDataLayer and delete it.

Restart the computer and check if the taskbar works correctly.

Note: If you can’t delete the TileDataLayer folder, do the following:

Press the key combination Win + R and type services.msc then press Enter.
Browse to find a process called Tile Data model server
Right-click and select the Stop option.
Try again to delete the TileDataLayer folder.

Wrapping Up: Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

So far those were the easiest ways to fix the error Windows 10 taskbar not working when you have troubles with it. Remember to follow these steps carefully on your PC and always keep updated your Windows because sometimes those updates fix bugs and errors.

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Have you been able to fix the error? Let me know in the comments section.

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