How to enable Ethernet Metered Connection in Windows 10

Metered Connection in Windows 10 is a type of connection, which is an innovation included in Creators Update, would allow your internet connection to have a data usage limit.

But perhaps many people wonder for what purpose the metered connection has been established in Windows 10, the reason is simple, remember that the updates in Windows 10, critical and security, are downloaded and installed by default which can cause the following:

  • Impact of the optimal performance
  • Errors at the time of installation of the updates
  • High data consumption
  • The possibility of losing information when its necessary to restart the PC

Now with the option of metered connection, we have the opportunity to define how these types of updates have to be installed.

1. Enabled Network Metered Connection

To enable metered connection open Settings pressing the keys pressing Winkey + I

There select the option Network & Internet and on the left click on Ethernet

Click on your current network, in this case, Network.

You can see that by default the option Set as metered connection is disabled. So just click on the switch to enable this functionality in Windows 10.

In this simple way, you enable a metered connection in Windows 10.

2. How to Delay Updates in Windows 10

With the metered connections you have a way to save data and avoid exceeding the data limit.

Another option available in Windows 10 Creators Update that allows us to save and manage data is to pause Windows 10 updates for up to 35 days.

To pause the updates open again Settings pressing the keys Winkey + I and select Update & Security.

In the expanded window click on Advanced options

To enable the option Pause Updates, just click on the Off switch. Now the updates will no longer download for 35 days.

As easy as that you can enable Metered Connection to avoid downloading and installing automatic updates.

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