10+ Best Video Editing Software for Youtube

Do you want to create videos for youtube easily? Well, check this list of the best video editing software for Youtube.

If you want to upload your videos to YouTube, you have many ways to make it possible. From record and upload the blank to YouTube via their official app YouTube Capture to edit the video directly from your smartphone or your computer and then upload the result.

For a long time, in addition to the mobile, desktop and online options available to work with video before publishing it on YouTube, you had an efficient official editor but unfortunately is no longer available

But, as I said, this is not a problem. Here is a list of the best video editing software for youtube that you can use on your computer free and comfortably.

1. Filmora

filmora video editing software for youtube

The first recommendation is Fillmora, a useful video editing software for youtube available on Windows and Mac free and with additional paid features in case, you need something else.

With Filmora you will have everything you need to convert a raw video into a YouTube-worthy piece: transition effects, non-linear editing, predesigned themes, background music, the possibility of including credit titles and other elements, etc.

How could it be otherwise, Filmora lets you upload the video directly to YouTube once you’ve edited it.

2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another free video editing software for youtube with GNU license, compatible with any version from Windows 98. It stands out above all for its compression capacity, divisions and the ability to add different video tracks. You can also with batch processing to be able to manipulate multiple files at once.

Its big negative point is that it is already a little veteran, and isn’t compatible with some modern video formats such as mp4. However, if you can ignore these shortcomings, you have a useful tool that has the support of the community, thanks to which you can extend its functions with third-party video filters.

3. Jahshaka


Formerly known as CineFX, Jahshaka is a cross-platform video editing software for youtube compatible with Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux. More than a video editor itself is almost an effects engine so that you could compare it with Adobe After Effects. It allows creating 2D and 3D animations, management of media and assets and the creation and editing of effects.

4. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is a tool not too well known, but in addition to having its paid version also counts as a free one. Of course, if you have a problem the support is paid, and the free version has some ads.

Even so, the video editing software for youtube has a minimalist design and easy to use. It allows you to apply “to Instagram” filters and transitions to videos, alter the light and apply video and sound effects. It also allows the creation of masks for hiding, blurring or underlining elements in the video, and will enable you to export the creations to your social networks.

5. WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the best online video editing apps you can find. It has a free version for which you only have to register, it allows you to make the editions collaboratively and has an app for Google Drive so that you can save your creations directly in the Google cloud.

This free version allows you to work with files of up to 1 GB, save your projects with 720p resolutions and benefit from their compatibility with the main video formats. You also have a library of hundreds of songs to give some video to your videos, which you can upload to YouTube and other services once you have finished.

6. OpenShot


With OpenShot you will also achieve great results mixing video with your favorite music, adding text on a screen, introducing some other effect and animated transitions, etc.

In appearance, OpenShot seems very simple, ideal for those who have hardly touched a video editing software and only know Premiere. But inside it hides a complete tool palette according to your needs.

OpenShot doesn’t integrate YouTube but allows you to export the result of the video to any compatible format so that it can be easily uploaded from the official page.

This video editing software for youtube is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it has its online guide if you have any questions.

7. Shotcut

In Shotcut you will find another practical video editing software for youtube available on Windows, Mac, Linux).

Compatible with most video and audio formats, including high resolutions such as HD or 4K, Shotcut has the usual functions and an extensive list of video filters and editing modes for audio.

If your options panel scares you, you can take a look at their video tutorials. In any case, it fully meets what youtube needs to fix your videos.

8. Lightworks

lightworks video editing software for youtube

Lightworks is one of the complete video editing software for youtube on the market. Your annual license costs $ 134.99, but you have as an alternative a free version with some limitations such as not having support for 4K (you’ll have to settle for 720p), different effects and advanced options.

However, the free version has versions for Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux, a modern interface and its essential functions. Also options such as importing files of all formats, being able to make copies of your projects or export them to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Therefore, although you don’t have as many options as the professional version is a good contact for quick jobs.

10. VideoPad

If you’re looking for a more automated option, similar to Filmora, try VideoPad, one of the most accessible video editing software for YouTube if it’s your first time.

Compatible with several formats, allows uploading the video directly to YouTube or Facebook as well as export it to different resolutions, apply effects and transitions or delete scenes and include a soundtrack.

This software is available for both Windows and Mac, and it is a good option if OpenShot or Shotcut seems too complicated.


KDENLIVE is one of the best video editing software for youtube, not only for its interface but for the number of options offered. It is entirely free, and today can be downloaded both in Windows and Mac and Linux. The only disadvantage is that it is only found in English, Italian and French.

Among some of its most outstanding features, you find some such as non-linear editing (you can add a multitude of video, sound and image files), compatibility with practically any format, its libraries of free effects and the possibility of exporting videos to formats in high resolution. You can download it from your website.

12. DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve

Finally, another proposal that covers all audiences, although it intends to satisfy professionals of video editing.

DaVinci Resolve has a free version and a paid version, depending on what you need.

Whether you have a small computer or a powerful editing computer, with DaVinci, Resolve you can edit video with high-quality results, several tracks, in HD or 4K, with specific functions for audio (equalizer, mixing, effects), transitions and other arrangements postproduction, etc.

DaVinci Resolve started as a tool to correct color in stock footage, and although it is now a desktop app for editing video, it retains its advanced functions to play with photography and achieve professional results.

Although it doesn’t integrate the upload of videos to YouTube, once rendered, you can upload it from the official page. In any case, it’s worth trying if you need advanced editing functions.

13. Sony Vegas Pro

This powerful video editing software for youtube has an aesthetic following the line of Sony that is somewhat different from others like Premiere or Final Cut, although the interface allows you to customize all the modules around the timeline fully. It also has a version called Movie Studio for not so advanced users.

14. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free software app and multiplatform, which means that your code can be reviewed by anyone to improve it or look for errors, which will always be free and compatible with several operating systems. In this case, you have versions for GNU / Linux, Windows, macOS, and PC-BSD.

It offers virtually any option you can ask for a free program. It allows you to add audio tracks and images to your videos, cut and paste fragments of your videos, and an extensive collection of filters. It also supports subtitle formats and is compatible with the main video formats such as MKV, AVI or MP4.

15. Pinnacle Studio

pinnacle studio

Although it is the first time you face video editing software for youtube, you will not have problems. Cut, drag and place easily and take advantage of the vast variety of titles, effects, and templates available, without giving up a professional finish.

16. Final Cut Pro

This program from Apple has become one of the benchmarks in the market for professional video editing, being one of the most powerful and with more features, but it doesn’t stop offering a simple and intuitive interface. Organize the contents in a very visual way and take out all your creativity.

17. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best professional video editing software for youtube that as a user you can get the most out of editing your videos. Your control panel needs a period of learning, but once you have overcome it, you will discover its enormous possibilities. It also belongs to the Adobe Creative Suite product family, such as Media Encoder or After Effects, facilitating its integration.

18. Adobe After Effects

A compliment for Adobe Premiere Pro that although requires a somewhat advanced level, allows you to create animations, 3D graphics with movement and effects to include in the videos giving a very professional touch.

19. Avid Media Composer

Although facing the domestic user is not as popular as the previous two, in professional post-production studies of film and television is very common for its dynamic workflow with projects at the highest resolutions, transcoding of video in the background, processing of audio and hundreds of possibilities in terms of effects and media management.

So far those were the best video editing software for Youtube that you can use to create awesome videos for your youtube channel.

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Do you use another software for your videos? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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