How to Enable IPFilter on Utorrent to Improve Security

Do you want to enable IP Filtering when you are download torrents? Well, check this tutorial about how to enable Utorrent ipfilter.

On this post, I will show you how you can improve security by making similar adjustments in uTorrent.

uTorrent is the most used client by Windows users and a large number of Mac users. uTorrent is characterized by minimum consumption of resources as well as excellent performance and operation with all types of downloads.

How Does uTorrent Work

Torrent is a file exchange network. Torrent applications such as uTorrent, allow users to access and contribute to this peer-to-peer file exchange network. When you run an app like uTorrent, you become network partners. If the partners want to download files, then they will have to download a .torrent file that contains all the file tracking data where thousands of users simultaneously download and upload pieces of a file to complete their content.

With this simplified version of torrents event, it reveals a series of security problems that must be addressed. If you access a large number of computers while many users are accessing your computer to share digital files, there will undoubtedly be risks that need to be addressed. But aside from all the above, there is also another problem that can cause the use of Torrents.

How to Enable Utorrent IPFILTER

First of all, let’s activate the encryption of uTorrent connections. For this, you access the menu Options > Preferences > BitTorrent

In the section Protocol Encryption, you must activate the encryption. For this, select in the “outgoing” section as “activated.” In this way, servers that support data encryption will use such encryption, but those that don’t support it will continue to work without encrypting the connections.

utorrent protocol encryption

Encrypting the traffic is already more difficult for our ISP to filter and block to avoid the use of such networks.

uTorrent also has the option to add IP blocking lists but in a more complicated way as it is done in other clients such as Transmission. First of all, you must enable the IP address filter in the configuration menu. For this we will access Options > Preferences > Advanced and navigate to the entry “ipfilter.enable” to have the value “true”

utorrent ipfilter

Next, you must go to the folder where you have installed your uTorrent and create a new file called ipfilter.dat where you will introduce the IP addresses that you are going to block.

You will open this file and copy there the IP addresses that you want uTorrent to block. You can’t use the web iblocklist since it doesn’t offer you the source files of its lists to copy and paste the IP addresses. You must use another source of dangerous IP addresses, for example, the list of addresses provided directly by Bluetack.

Wrapping Up: Utorrent IPFilter

With these steps, you will be able to use uTorrent more securely to avoid possibly blocking or downloading of fakes issued by governments or other organizations.

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