How to Use Keyboard as Mouse in Windows 10, 8, 7

One of the essential tools of work today is indisputably the mouse of our computers both portable and desktop, thanks to its versatility, scope, and simplicity.

Today we also have wireless mouses, among many others but, have you thought what would happen if you are in a remote place and the mouse fails for some reason, bad hardware, low battery, etc.?

Maybe you go to your home or office to complete the work, but very few know that there is a solution that we literally have at our fingertips: Keyboard

Today this tutorial will teach you how to use the keyboard as a mouse in a practical way. In this case, it’s essential that your keyboard has an alphanumeric section.

Step #1: Ease of Access

To use your keyboard as a mouse, we will use Easy of Access, which offers us various alternatives for a better user experience.

First, open the Control Panel using one of the following methods, and click on Ease of Access

Step #2: Setup Ease of Access Mouse

There, click on the option Change how your mouse works.

Now, check the option Turn on Mouse Keys on the Control the mouse with the keyboard section and click on Set up Mouse Keys

Once there you can uncheck any of the options that you dont want, and you can set the speed of mouse pointer.

Note: Its necessary to check the option Turn On Mouse Keys, since by default it is unchecked.

Click on Apply to save the changes and then OK to close the wizard.

Once you setup appropriately the options, click on OK to exit the option Ease of Access and save all the changes.

Now you can use the mouse with the keyboard using the following keys.

  • Up and Left: 7
  • Up: 8
  • Up and Right 9
  • Left: 4
  • Right: 6
  • Down and Left: 1
  • Down: 2
  • Down and Right: 3

Let’s take advantage of this interesting option when we have a problem with our mouse and we do not have access to one.

Having well configured our peripherals is important, it is good to take advantage of the possibilities that nowadays give us this type of elements.

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