10+ Best USB Encryption Software

Do you want to encrypt your USB pendrive photos, videos, and files? Well, check this list of the best USB Encryption Software.

Today I bring you another post related to the world of computer security. In particular, I will talk about the best software to encrypt USB drives. With them, you can increase the safety of your USB drive and therefore, your files.

The pen drive is the accessory par excellence in transferring data from one site to another. They are small, manageable and, in short, comfortable. The problem is that they are exposed to a series of threats. Especially if you are someone who transports essential or confidential information, choose the best USB encryption software that you like or adapt to your needs and protect yourself.

1. Rohos Mini Drive

rohos disk usb encryption software

Rohos Mini Drive is a USB encryption software that let the user choose between any of the two modes to encrypt a USB pen drive, something that should be done depending on the level of experience you have in this type of work.

The first option is to create container files within the same USB drive, while the other procedure suggests making a partition that will act as a container, which will be utterly invisible to strange eyes. The convenience is significant since a standard user could review the first modality with the file explorer, and thus eliminate those files because they are visible.

2. File Secure Free

File Secure Free is a good USB encryption software although in the installation process a few screens will appear suggesting to the user that additional tools are installed, which are considered as an “AdWare”; if you find them, you must decline their installation to avoid having to remove them later.

The convenience of using this USB encryption software is that the user will have the possibility to encrypt only what you want, that is, you can choose only specific folders located on the USB flash drive, to encrypt them quickly.

3. USB Flash Security

Almost similar USB Encryption Software to the mentioned above, USB Flash Security also creates a small container that will be used to encrypt USB pen drive. It acts on a small space within this unit, which doesn’t exceed approximately 5 MB.

When the USB pen drive is inserted in the USB port of the computer, the files of this container act immediately making its content inaccessible if you don’t have the password to unlock it. Of course, this last alternative may have some drawbacks if an experienced user comes to open the “Windows Disk Manager” to see the partition and thus, delete it with a single click.

4. VeraCrypt


Undoubtedly Veracrypt is one of the most popular USB encryption software that you find today thanks to its various functionalities including being the successor of TrueCrypt which was cataloged as one of the best existing encryption systems.

Veracrypt is an open source app designed by IDRIX based on TrueCrypt 7.1a and which can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating systems and with support for iOS and Android. You can be fully confident that with Veracrypt you will add a much higher level of security to your units by implementing improvements in the algorithms to make the encrypted units immune to brute force attacks which aim to decipher the respective keys.

An example of how Veracrypt is much more secure than its predecessor TrueCrypt is that when a particular unit is encrypted, TrueCrypt uses the PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 encryption with 1000 iterations while Veracrypt makes use of 327661 iterations.

5. CipherShed

CipherShed also started as a program based on TrueCrypt, just like VeraCrypt. This USB encryption software is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, although it is necessary to compile it to be able to use it with the last two. Its first non-alpha version (not very preliminary) was launched in February this year, but there is still no final version (1.0 or later).

Its development seems much slower than that of VeraCrypt, but it is progressing little by little. They have already fixed the TrueCrypt problems.

CipherShed isn’t different from VeraCrypt, except that it is far behind in its development. It allows encrypt whole disks or creates encrypted containers.

One advantage of CipherShed is that it can be used with TrueCrypt containers, while the more recent versions of VeraCrypt don’t allow it. The increasing number of VeraCrypt key derivation (the iterations mentioned above) make it incompatible with TrueCrypt containers, although arguably also safer. CipherShed uses hidden volumes, such as VeraCrypt, to allow credible denial.

6. StorageCrypt


The good part of this USB encryption software is that it is intuitive and easy to use. You can manage with it in a matter of minutes and secure your files. Download Link

7. FileVault 2

filevault 2 usb encryption software

FileVault 2 is Apple’s answer to BitLocker. This USB encryption software, exclusively for Mac, uses the 128-bit AES-XTC algorithm to encrypt entire disks and was released for the first time with OSX Lion. The user’s login password is also used as an encryption key.

Like BitLocker, FileVault 2 doesn’t allow creating encrypted containers either. That means that once you log in to your Macbook, all data on your hard drive is deciphered and visible until you turn off the computer.

Another similarity that it shares with BitLocker is that FileVault 2 is not open source. Therefore it is not possible to audit it publicly and may contain backdoors.

8. Gpg4win

This is another of the free USB encryption software that you have to encrypt your USB pen drives. All the elements that you want to share, such as files, folders, emails, will be protected thanks to their levels of encryption and digital signatures which guarantee the integrity of the content.

Remember that the encryption protects the content of not due accesses while the Digital signatures ensure that the content has not been modified and comes from a secure sender.

You can trust the integrity of this software as it was developed in conjunction with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Gpg4win supports cryptography standards such as OpenPGP and S / MIME (X.509) and is the official distribution for Windows operating systems.


Intended for Linux users, LUKS relies on cryptsetup and uses dm-crypt to support disk encryption. LUKS stands for Linux Unified Key Setup (unified key configuration for Linux). Specifies a standard disk format independent of the platform that can be used with several tools.

LUKS doesn’t have all the features of VeraCrypt or other apps, but it offers more flexibility when it comes to encryption algorithms.

It doesn’t work very well between different operating systems, and in reality, it only does well at all in Linux, although Windows users can access discs encrypted with LUKS using LibreCrypt.

10. DiskCryptor

With DiskCryptor you have at hand a useful but straightforward open source USB encryption software with which you can encrypt all the units of the system including the operating system unit.

DiskCryptor is an evolution of DriveCrypt Plus Pack and PGP WDE and although the first versions of DiskCryptor had TrueCrypt technology offering AES-256 encryption now in the new versions new encryption technologies have been implemented which guarantee higher levels of security and Privacy.

11. BitLocker

There isn’t much more to say about this encryption software. BitLocker helps you to encrypt the data of your USB memory with a couple of clicks.

12. AxCrypt


AxCrypt is cataloged as one of the best USB encryption software for Windows operating systems because thanks to it you can compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual or group files. In addition to these functionalities, AxCrypt is an add-on for platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Live Mesh, SkyDrive, which allows the encryption of our files in the cloud.

13. Cryptainer LE

What do you think was missing from this list to have a component that matched? Well, in addition to giving us everything mentioned above, here you have a USB encryption software for free that does its job efficiently. Download Cryptainer LE

So far the list of the best USB encryption software to encrypt your USB pen drive and secure your files.

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Do you use other software? Let me know in the comment section.

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