5+ Best USB Bootable Software for Windows

Do you want to install Linux or Windows using your USB pen drive? Well, check this list of the best free USB Bootable Software for Windows.

Before, to install software on an empty computer or that you wanted to format or restore, you used a CD or DVD. Now, many computers don’t even bring a CD/DVD reader, apart from that it is a slow method. The best way, currently, is to use a flash drive. It’s fast, because the transmission speed is much higher, and it can also be reused.

USB devices have also become obsolete, but for this type of tasks, it is often the first and last option, since there is no other.

Creating a USB bootable with an ISO image is basically to make a USB pen drive have the ability to run on a computer without it having an operating system installed. It is usually used to install software on that same computer. It can also be used to run an operating system without installing it (GNU / Linux, for example, allows it, but not Windows).

To create a bootable USB, it isn’t enough to copy the ISO in a USB. For this, you will have to look for a USB pen drive with specific requirements. It needs to be formatted in FAT32 format and at least more space than the ISO to be installed.

So let’s see the best USB Bootable Software for Windows

1. Windows USB/DVD Download

windows usb tool usb bootable software

The official Windows utility not only allows you to install ISO on a USB pen drive but also a DVD. It is not portable (it needs installation) and only works with Microsoft ISO files. It doesn’t update from Windows 7, but it still works correctly in Windows 10.

First, you need to choose the ISO image, and in the next steps, you will select the unit in which we want to install it, as well as other configurations. The USB bootable software has an analyzer that detects if the file is corrupt, which would prevent the correct installation.

2. Windows 10 Setup Program

windows 10 setup program

If instead, you want to do it exclusively with a Windows 10 ISO, there is a tool specifically for this. It is called, literally, Windows 10 Setup Program. You will not be able to load your ISO, but will directly offer to download the official one for free. It is an advantage over the other programs because you will know that the ISO is up to date and that it isn’t corrupt, apart from that it is not dangerous.

You will have to choose the option: Create installation media; otherwise, you will update our equipment. It will ask us for a USB pen drive of minimum 8 GB. Then you will choose the storage unit and then the version of Windows 10 you want, apart from, of course, select the type of architecture of your processor, essential.

3. Rufus

Rufus is, without a doubt, the best USB bootable software to ‘burn’ an ISO in a USB in Windows. It works with any operating system: Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux. In addition, it is fully translated into several languages, and you have a portable version, so you do not need to install it: you can just download it, run it, use it (insert the ISO in the USB), close it and delete the file you have downloaded (or leave it in case you want to use again, explicitly).

Once you open it, it will ask us to choose a USB pen drive from which you have connected, as well as an ISO image and a new name for the volume after formatting (that is, a new name for the pen drive, such as the system version). The ISO image of the software will be loaded using the icon of a CD reader that you will find next to the last drop-down button that reads ISO Image.

4. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is one of the oldest USB bootable software available for several OS. It is exclusive for GNU/Linux distributions. However, you can install it on Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS. You have an infinity of distributions compatible with the program, among which, of course, is Ubuntu.

Using it is very simple: select a distribution and version. Afterward, choose the ISO file (in the lower part, in the menu with three points); finally, choose the USB pen drive in which you want to install the ISO image.

5. Yumi


Yumi is the option for those who want a USB multiboot, that is, with several operating systems bootable inside (yes, it is entirely possible). Thus, you can create a USB with all the operating systems that we want, such as Windows 10, Windows XP and Ubuntu. It even allows you to combine a game or program in ISO image with an operating system.

Undoubtedly one of the best USB bootable software for windows that you can download for free.

6. ISO to USB

ISO to USB doesn’t have any portable version, so we’ll have to install it yes or yes, although it’s still free. The other big problem is that it is only compatible with Windows boot disks (ISO images). You will not be able to use an ISO file of macOS, GNU / Linux or any other operating system or software other than the Microsoft OS.

Some people have reported that it makes your USB unusable, but if so, it has a simple solution. Look for the Disk Management program, and one of the storage disks will appear in a different color. Click on it and choose the option New simple volume, so that the pen drive will be usable again.

7. RMPrepUSB

It is one of the complete USB bootable software. It has options for boot managers, file systems, grub4dos, syslinux and QEMU Emulator. Includes speed tests and DiskDoctor to check the status. You can install several operating systems (or several applications) on the same pen drive as long as you have space.

8. LiLi USB Creator

lili usb bootable software

LiLi USB Creator is my favorite USB bootable software, and I have been using it for several years to prepare my USB to install a Linux distribution. LiLi is free and open source software. It works only in Windows (Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP), so it is ideal for those curious who want to try Linux for the first time. It is beautiful, intelligent, simple, intuitive and compatible with almost any Linux distribution.

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So far the list of the best USB bootable software for Windows. Do you have another software in mind? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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