6 Websites To Track IP Address Geo Location on the Map

Do you want to trace an IP address location? Well, check this list of the best websites to track IP address location on the map.

Surely you know the address in which you live. If you are one of those who uses his vehicle a lot, you may remember your registration without a problem. You may even be one of those who still know the half-family phone by heart.

But, do you know your IP address? In the online world, it is more important than any information from the previous ones. So let’s see what an IP is, why you may want to locate an IP address on a map.

The initials of Internet Protocol (IP) hide your registration online. It is a number that you choose or that the operator assigns you and that keeps you identified while you are online.

IP addresses are public and private. The first are those that the telecommunications company assigns us to surf the net. They can be fixed or (the most usual) dynamic; that is, they change every so often. Private IPs are those used in closed networks. They are, for example, those used by different devices to communicate on a Wi-Fi network in a house.

IP addresses are everything on the internet. Nobody can surf or be online without one. When you write an address or URL, it hides, in reality, an IP, which is the real address. An IP address consists of four digits separated by a period. The value of each number can vary from 0 to 255. Thus, for example, a random IP would be But enough of theory. The big question is, why should I know my IP address?

The obvious answer is to know your registration online. But there are many more reasons. Knowing an IP allows you to manage a device remotely. It also allows you to register and use virtual private network or VPN services. It is useful when identifying a connection or network problems.

But if you know the IP of someone else, you can even trace their location on a map easily. So that numbers become essential now.

If you want to trace some IP location, I will show you some of the best websites to track IP address location on a map.


infosniper track ip location

One of the exciting things about the Internet is that you can always use many of its resources, so when someone is bothering you by mail, it can be easy to locate it knowing your IP.

InfoSniper is a web service that allows you to know the geographical location of an IP address, and domain names, including information as a provider, country, city and other relevant data.

But not only can you know where any IP address is located, but it also shows us the location on a Google map, in Windows Live Maps or Yahoo Maps.

A service that is equally useful to track criminals in the network of networks!

Visit Website | InfoSniper



MaxMind has a particularity, and that is going to allow you to locate several IP at the same time. Usually, consultation services let you go by seeing them one by one. In this case, it is different, and you will be able to make a large-scale tracking.

I recommend it in that case, as it comes in handy. If what you want to see or track is a person you always have other, more straightforward methods. In particular, those who come next.

Visit Website | InfoSniper


Digitalcom is a web service that puts at your disposal a large number of tools to analyze IP addresses and to obtain from them all kinds of information, such as their geolocation and to which company or service they belong.

Besides, this website will allow you to access other useful tools to analyze IPs, such as a ping tool, a traceroute from our computer to the IP that you indicate, IP discovery tools and even tools that allow us to track emails until they reach to the real sender.

Visit Website | Digital.com


geotool track ip location on map

A similar tool for obtaining information about IP addresses is Geotool. This is much simpler than the previous one, but, at the same time, easier to use and interpret.

On this website, you can enter any IP address and automatically generate a report with all the information that is known from that address. Besides, if you click on any of the links, you will access a complete Whois of Domaintools with much more information about that address.

Visit Website | Geotool

Arul John’s Utilities

Arul John’s Utilities is another website that let you track an IP address location on the map. This website will allow you to analyze an IP or a domain quickly and will show us the information related to it, both the IP and the hostname, the ISP and if the country of origin. Besides, it will also show us on a map where it is located.

Visit Website | Arul John’s Utilities

What My IP Address

whats my ip address

The IP address is something that you rarely think about, but it is still of vital importance to be able to carry out your daily activities on the Internet and the Internet. To use instant messaging you need an IP, to use social networks, make calls over the internet, send or receive an email.

Therefore, there are times that you have the need and you ask yourself: what is my IP? And to get the answer there are many methods, but not all are as quick as getting it through the What Is My IP Address website.

This is a site whose primary objective is to provide us instantly the public IP address that we are using to connect to the web. Besides, it includes relevant information such as the service provider, the city, region and the country from which we are connected, including a geolocation map.

Visit Website | What My IP Address

Wrapping Up: Websites to Track IP Address Location on the Map

So far those were the best websites that you can use to trace an IP address location on the Map. You only need to visit any of these websites to track IP locations.

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Do you use another website? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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