Top 6 Best Free Photo-Editing Software

The photo editors are an essential tool for many users. They are undoubtedly beneficial programs with which to get our photos to gain in quality.

Everyone knows programs like Photoshop, but they are professional programs that cost money. The good part is that there are free photo editors that offer us many options.

Best Free Photo-Editing Software


It is possibly the best free PC photo editor that exists today.

Gimp is a complete program. We can carry out any retouching that you need as if it were a payment option.

The main problem that Gimp can present to you is its interface, which is nothing special and leaves something to be desired. But in general, it is a complete and easy to use program.

If any of you have used Photoshop on any previous occasion, then this option will be strange to you, since they have certain similarities.


Probably one of the most straightforward options that we can find nowadays.

It is effortless to use, but it is very complete, and you will be able to carry out all kinds of retouching with it.

Of course, this is not a program that you have to download, but it is a web application, so the fluidity of its operation will depend largely on your Internet connection.

It is a good option for simple retouching that requires little time.


Photoscape is a somewhat more straightforward and basic version of Gimp.

We can carry out simpler retouching, in addition to creating image presentations and GIFs. One of the advantages is that the taskbar of the application is customizable.

So you can organize your features as you like. We can describe it as a basic, but a useful editor.


Another program that we can download on our computer, although we can also edit the photos directly in the browser.

Fotor is a complete option than the previous two, although we can not demand professional results. It is not an editor that gives us so many quality options. While it is very efficient.

We can add filters, create collages and make basic retouching.

For users who do not require editing programs that are heavy or complex, Fotor is a good alternative.

Simple, you can download or use it from the browser, and it allows you to make the necessary touch-ups in your photos.

Possibly an option that many of you already sound.

It is an option that is closer to Gimp than the other options on this list. It has a wide variety of filters and plugins, so the user has many possibilities when editing.

In addition, its use is not complicated. So those people with little knowledge in image editing can also use it.

The design is intuitive and will give us ample options to edit images. A good photo editor, and also free. Recommended.

Pixlr Express

This is an option that can be used only from the web browser.

Again, how it works depends in large part on how quickly our Internet connection works. But, that should not impede the operation of this tool.

In addition, you can edit photos that are on your computer or that you take with your webcam.

This is our selection of free photo editors for PC. Depending on the use you want to give, and your level editing images there will be an option that is more interesting.

Which of these tools do you like the most?

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