Top 4 Best VPN Services To Stay Anonymous Online

Surely you have heard before about VPN, in this article, we will talk about 4 services that allow you to surf anonymously over the Internet.

What is clear is that there are many VPN providers that are not entirely reliable and do not really hide everything they should.

What can be a long-term problem, therefore, we want you to know these 4 problems and be able to remain anonymous in the network.

Top 4 Best VPN Services

<a href=Private Internet Access" />

1 Private Internet Access

This VPN service is by far one of the best because it states that it does not save any type of data about the registry, session, DNS or metadata.

If we talk about encryption we have AES-256 + RSA4096 + SHA256 and we even find 3,283 servers (and in 25 countries).

<a href=Anonymizer" />

2 Anonymizer

Another good VPN service is definitely this. It already says all his name but we are before a company that does not store data of the users.

It even allows BitTorrent.

Its servers are only found in the United Kingdom and the United States, we could say that it does not offer as many options as other VPNs and limits us a little more.

<a href=NordVPN" />

3 NordVPN

This other VPN service does not register personal data either.

If you want to keep your IP hidden, of course, you get it.

It allows P2P traffic. It uses IKEv2 / IPsec encryption and has 741 servers in 58 countries.

<a href=Torguard" />

4 Torguard

This service does not store personal data of users, moreover, it says that it is impossible for a user to be linked to a specific IP, so many users choose it only for this reason.

It uses AES-256-CBC encryption with 4096bit RSA and SHA512 HMAC. As for the servers, we know they are in 53 countries.

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