Top 4 Best Software To Repair Damaged Files & Images

In some cases, a file may end damaged or corrupted for many reasons.

This can be a problem if it is a working document, a project for the university or merely sensitive information of any kind stored in a text file, a compressed file, in videos or images.

In the following lines, we bring you four tools to repair damaged files.

Repair Damaged Files & Images

File Repair

File Repair is a simple and free tool that can repair damaged files.

The application will scan the damaged file and try to extract the data from it to a new file.

File Repair can repair corrupted Word, Excel, Zip or RAR files.

The application also supports image files such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and RAW, PDF, corrupt Access database and correct mp3 and .wav.

Zip Repair

Ideal for repairing corrupted Zip files to extract their contents.

According to the developer, this application will repair CRC errors in a .zip file thus allowing the file to be extracted.

The application supports the Zip64 format and can work with files larger than 2GB.

You can use it for free for a limited time.


This tool is one of the most used to repair and recover files that have been deleted.

Recuva is free and allows you to repair files, images, music, documents, videos, compressed files, and emails. The Pro version, which costs 20 dollars, adds new options for file recovery and support for virtual drives.

Hetman File Repair

This is a tool that focuses specifically on the repair of damaged images.

Hetman File Repair supports JPEG, JPG, JPE and JFIF files in lossless mode.

As a result, the application will perform the repair at the block level without re-encoding thus preserving the original quality of the file.

The tool can also repair TIFF, TIF, FAX, G3 and G4 files, supports uncompressed files and compressed TIFF images with LZW, JPEG, PackBit, CCITT 1D 2, Group 3 Fax 3 and Group 4 fax algorithms.

Also, there is support for PNG, BPM, DIB and RLE formats.

These are some of the best tools that will help you recover your damaged files.

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