7 Free Tools to See Who is Using My Wifi Network

Do you presume that someone is connected to your wireless network? Well, check this list of the best free tools to see who is using my wifi.

One of the main concerns of the users of wireless networks is the possibility that an intruder connects to their network and “steals Wi-Fi.”

For a neighbor to connect to your network and “steal your Wi-Fi” is a minor evil compared to what you can get by accessing your network, for example, to perform MITM attacks.

The best way to check who connects and disconnects your router is to use the logs generated by the router itself when someone connects or disconnects, but in many cases, this is a very complicated fact to perform so, for lack of knowledge or only laziness, little is the people who check these logs.

There are a multitude of tools that analyze the network in search of all computers that are connected in the same local network allowing you to have an idea of if an intruder is roaming our wifi. Although it is easy to fool these programs usually the result they offer is generally entirely satisfactory.

So, let’s see the best free tools to see who is using my wifi.

Wireless Network Watcher

wireless network watcher who is using my wifi

Wireless Network Watcher is one of the best tools to see who is using my wifi. To start using it, you must download the suite of Microsoft programs from its official website. Once downloaded, select the Wireless Network Watcher option, and the program will be executed.

Automatically when starting, it will perform a network scan listing the computers that are currently connected to the network. Despite offering a very detailed description of the equipment (IP, MAC, computer name, adapter manufacturer, etc.), the tool offers few other options. It will allow you to export the scan result to a text file and nothing else.

Although there are more advanced programs than this, its simplicity of use can allow it to be one of the most straightforward tools for any user with little computer knowledge.

Download | Wireless Network Watcher



AirSnare is a free tool to see who is using my wifi similar to the previous ones but aimed at slightly more advanced users. Developed by Digital Matrix this program offers some additional utilities to help keep your network away from intruders.

First of all, you must download the application from its author’s website. Once downloaded, install it in your system and execute it. The program will scan the network automatically for the first time and tell us the connected equipment. Once detected the program would continue running in the background.

The program will continuously be exploring the network in search of new devices that connect. If the program detects a new device connected to the network, it will show a warning with the new user’s data.

AirSnare also has routing tools that will allow you to find the true origin of the device in an extensive network.

Download | AirSnare


Fing who is using my wifi

Fing is another tool to see who is using my wifi. This tool is available for Windows as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices and, in addition to the intrusive computer name, it also provides information such as MAC address or IP address. Thanks to a historical file you can see the devices that have been connected in the past to your network, and you can even edit data about them to have them identified and improve the management of our Wi-Fi network, about who you authorize. Its use is free, but it has a Premium service to monitor up to 10 networks remotely.

Download | Fing

Who Is On My Wifi

who is on my wifi

There are more and more applications that allow you to access other WIFI networks with greater ease due to critical pattern failures and thanks to the dictionaries that can decipher the access code, and you can also accelerate the crack of the captured WPA handshake.

Thanks to the Who’s on my WIFI program you can check who is using your wifi without permission. To use this app, you must download from its website a trial version or buy the full version of the app.

There are two different versions of the product, the Home Edition, and the Professional. Both versions are paid versions. Its main differences are the maximum number of devices that can detect on the network (25 the Home and 100 the professional) and that the Professional version offers a more detailed analysis of the connected equipment. Both versions allow blocking devices and even allows you to receive notifications via e-mail.

Download | Who Is On My Wifi

SoftPC Wifi Guard

softpc wifi guard who is using my wifi

SoftPC Wifi Guard is a free tool to see who is using your wifi has the peculiarity of automatically notify you when someone accesses your Wi-Fi network, it also tells you who it is and how to remove it.

Having the Wi-Fi network protected with a right password isn’t enough, even with that a hacker may be able to enter your network. You can think that that doesn’t matter since you don’t have limits of Megas, what else does it matter if someone sucks a bit of your bandwidth?

The problem isn’t that the intruder surf the Internet with your wifi, the worrying thing is that knowing the password of your Wi-Fi network the hacker can see everything you are doing. Once it is on your wifi, the thief can see the emails you send, the passwords of the banks, the account numbers, and it could even access the hard drive of your computer. Besides, you could also break the law using your connection, which could bring you problems. So the best thing is to get it out of there as soon as possible.

Besides, there is another problem added, and the law doesn’t protect you either as it always goes behind new technologies. It is challenging to get a case of hacking wifi, and if you get the only thing that is done to the thief is to put a fine that is not even a crime.

Luckily wifi guard of the company SoftPerfect has come to the rescue, and it is a program for PC compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac, it is entirely free in its versions for Windows and Linux.

Wifi guard is very easy to use, install it and from that moment when an unknown device connects to your Wi-Fi network it will notify you through a message, so you will instantly know that you have an unwanted visitor in your network, to be able to send it to ride in bad ways very quickly, as it should be.

Download | Wifi Guard

Advanced IP Scanner

advanced ip scanner

Especially in large cities, the problem of Wi-Fi networks continues to exist, and many users aren’t aware that their connection is being used in an unauthorized manner. For this reason, there are tools such as Advanced IP Scanner, that analyzes the network and let you see who is using your wifi.

It must be said that this app is available in both desktop and portable versions, so it doesn’t require installation to work correctly and it must not be executed with administrator permissions. Once executed, you find a window in which you have the explore button first, offering information gradually while the analysis continues. In addition to the name of the device and viewing the shared folders on the network, the user will be able to see the IP, the MAC address and the manufacturer of the device, something that is not always available, and generic names may appear.

Users can remotely power on or off equipment as well as control it through RDP or Radmin.

To have a higher capacity for analysis, the user can export the results to a CSV, something that will be very useful when managing networks with a large amount of connected equipment.

Download | Advanced IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner


When you need a simple app that scans the entire network to find static and dynamic IP addresses, you should start considering the use of Angry IP Scanner. Angry IP Scanner is a free and open source multiplatform IP surveillance tool to see who is using my wifi.

Angry IP Scanner is a TCP/IP network scanner that allows users to quickly scan IP addresses within any range of their choice through an easy-to-use interface.

Once Angry IP Scanner detects an active IP address, what it will do next is to resolve its MAC address, hostname, port and various relevant information of each IP address. The collected data can then be saved as TXT, CSV, XML or IP-Port list files.

It also has additional functions, such as NetBIOS information, computer name, group name, favorite IP address ranges, web server detection, etc.

With the help of a plugin, Angry IP Scanner can collect all the information about scanned IP addresses.

Anyone who can write in Java code can write a plugin and extend the functionality of Angry IP Scanner.

Download | Angry IP Scanner

Wrapping Up: Tools to See Who Is Using My Wifi

So far those were the best tools you can use to see who is using your wifi network without your permission.

If you want to kick off the intruder from your wifi network, check this tutorial about it.

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