4 Captcha Solver Tools to Bypass Captchas Easily

Do you need to solve captcha automatically? Well, check this list of the best captcha solver tools to bypass captcha.

The captcha has been with us for many years, and are used by millions of websites around the world to protect against bots. The Google ReCaptcha has prevented us from introducing many of them thanks to the fact that it analyzes our behavior before entering a website to guarantee that we are not a robot, but sometimes it usually shows captchas if you have doubts.

So, on this post, I will show some of the best solve captcha tools to bypass easily.


buster bypass captcha

Buster is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the two most popular and used browsers. Their goal, as they promise, is to make the captchas less frustrating. It can happen that sometimes you have to press a series of images and you delay in finding the correct ones or that you even fail. This can make you lose time.

The captchas may appear more frequently in some circumstances. For example, if you connect with a shared IP or through a VPN. Also if you access very regularly to the same service, they could interpret that you are a robot and seek to verify it.

The Buster extension what it does is automate this process. It allows you to avoid having to resolve the captchas and lose time. Many of these captchas have an audio test in which you can hear a word and select it. It is configured to resolve this audio and be able to recognize the voice.

Just click on the extension icon and give it to recognize captcha. It will try to solve the test by listening to the audio. It must be mentioned that it is likely that the first one doesn’t capture it, so you can always try again to bypass captcha.

In any case, for those who want to put an end to having to resolve these annoying captchas when navigating, today a new extension is Buster. As I have mentioned, it is available for the foremost browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You can download it for free from the official store in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Besides, I always recommend installing this type of tools from official sources. In this way, you avoid introducing malware that could have been modified maliciously and compromise the security of our systems.

Buster for Chrome | Buster for Firefox



UnCAPTCHA is a free and open source application specially designed to overcome bypass Google captcha. This app is in charge of downloading the audio of the accessibility function of this challenge, it analyzes it in six voice recognition servers (TTS) and returns Google the most likely answers to solve the captcha and pass itself off as human.

According to the latest tests, this tool has been able to overcome a total of 450 reCAPTCHA with an efficiency of 85% in less than 6 seconds, less time than a human needs to listen to only one of the audio clips to solve this challenge.

unCAPTCHA is not the first tool to overcome this challenge with high efficiency. A few months ago, another tool was able to overcome the captchas of Google using a similar technique, although with the difference that in the case of this tool, those responsible for it have warned Google of the weakness.

Download | unCAPTCHA


bypass captcha

For some time now, the battle against bots that invade sites with spam has been hardening, and they try to circumvent the security of each of the web pages. One of the most used tools to try to fight these annoying intruders is Google’s captcha, especially the version ReCaptcha V2.

The following bypass captcha tool will allow you to break the security of ReCaptcha V2, taking advantage of the audio option that it offers.

RebreakCaptcha is a free captcha solver to bypass captcha that takes advantage of a vulnerability of ReCaptcha V2, to resolve the captcha automatically, for it uses the Selenium automation library, the Google Speech Recognition API and various algorithms.

The tool is quite simple, going through three phases, the first where the popular ” I am not a robot ” captcha resolves, then when the captcha is released, it chooses the audio option, receives the audio and processes it with the Google Voice Recognition API, finally enter the numbers recognized by the API and enter it in the captcha field.

Google Voice Recognition API may fail repeatedly, so ReBreakCaptcha tries different alternatives until it gets the right solution.

Download | RebreakCaptcha

Cloudflare Edge Pass

cloudflare edge pass

Users who connect to the Tor network or VPN services regularly have probably noticed an increase in CloudFlare captchas provided they are connected to these networks. Depending on the sites we visit, the network in which you are connected and how the site is configured, you may have to resolve captchas quite often and sometimes on any page we open on that particular site.

Cloudflare Edge Pass is an official extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers, two of the most used worldwide. It has been designed to reduce the number of CloudFlare captchas. This is because it stores cookies and user information and is re-authorized.

This was already in the Firefox CloudHole add-on. However, on this occasion, this utility makes a deviation of the pages when browsing. A different system, although with the same purpose and maintaining some similarities. It is designed to reduce the number of questionnaires that are launched on the devices connecting to the Tor network or VPN services.

Cloudflare Edge Pass works silently in the background for the most part. Allows you to bypass the CloudFlare challenge pages if a correct solution has already been sent during the session.

The extension generates cryptographically “blind” identifiers that are signed by Cloudflare Edge when a captcha is resolved. These identifiers are “decrypted” and stored by the extension for future use. They are automatically redeemed when you see a future questionnaire page. The “decryption” procedure means that the signed and redeemed files are cryptographically unlinkable from the Cloudflare perspective and, as such, are suitable for use together with external anonymity measures (such as Tor / VPNs).

This extension, as I have indicated, is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These are two of the browsers most used by users around the world. It is a web extension that can be useful for those who browse through Tor or VPN services and are tired of having to put captchas to use the Internet regularly.

Download | This extensions isn’t available anymore

Wrapping Up: Captcha Solver Tools to Bypass Captchas

So far those were the best tools that you can use for free to bypass captchas on the internet. Do you use another captcha solver? Let me know in the comments section.

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