How to Save or Export your Google Chrome History

Do you want to save or export your Google Chrome history? On this post, I will show you some tools that let you export your Chrome history.

Usually, I talk about deleting the history of your browser so that it does not fall prey to the snoopers, but it can also be a good idea to store your history before deleting it. For example, you can use it to review previous pages or control a child’s browsing habits.

Chrome offers you a way to save your browsing history as an HTML file, but nothing more. Fortunately, some free portable tools open some options more than that.

So, let’s see how to save or export your Google Chrome history.


You all know that Google Chrome comes with a native History, which allows you to view the browsing history in the web browser. However, this tool, in my opinion, lacks certain features such as the grouping of websites visited according to a defined criterion, or for example the one we are mentioning today: export browsing history.

export chrome history

It is true that this last option is not usually a popular option, but it can be beneficial for a specific type of user. Many users may want to back up their browsing history before it is deleted and other users may wish to use it as a way to justify browsing the Web.

Google knows the interest of some users in this option, and for that reason, there are rumours that with a high probability, this option can be incorporated natively in the future version of the browser.

Meanwhile, the only option you have at this moment is the use of third-party software that offers you a higher number of options, including exporting the browsing history. One of the tools I recommend is: ChromeHistoryView


This tool is a portable app, which means that it does not need to be installed and that it could be transported and used from a USB memory.

Among the features that ChromeHistoryView offers you, perhaps the most outstanding is the one that allows you to make a backup copy of the websites visited in the Google Chrome browser. Besides, this backup of our history can be personalized, by grouping the sites visited according to the parameters provided by the user.

Once you have configured the view as you want to have it, it will be time to make the backup by exporting the information as you see it on your screen.

Besides, you will be able to select in an individualized way, the web sites visited of which you wish to make a security backup.

Download ChromeHistoryView

History Trends Unlimited

Another useful tool that you can use export your Google Chrome history is History Trends Unlimited, but it also will help you to get some helpful information.

If like me, you throw away the day connected to the Web, you may forget a large number of pages you visit every day, thanks to social networks and the various pages of links that have made it easy to discover new sites. The tool that we bring you today will allow you to know better your habits, habits that may surprise you.

This is a Chrome extension called History Trends Unlimited. Its operation is straightforward: once installed it will be in charge of checking all our history, and it will show you a variety of tables and graphs that will allow us to know better how and where you navigate.

history trends unlimited

For example, in my case, I am addicted to (although in reality most of the visits come because it is the default page) and (this I think it will not surprise anyone)

The main table is the ten most visited domains, but you also have other exciting ones, such as the days that we have visited the most pages, or the average and daily median. You can click on each site or each day and obtain more specific data.

After the tables are the various graphics that will help you understand your habits, for example, I am an open book, with a significant discount on weekends, and at noon. These data help me to know better how I work and have even given me new data, like some days when I was quite prone to click links due to important news that happened in them.

history trends unlimited trends

Finally, another new graphic is the one that explains where these visits come from. In my case most reached by links that I have clicked somewhere, but there is also a good part that comes from my bookmarks.

History Trends Unlimited is not the most complicated extension you will have seen, but it is exciting to understand your behaviour on the net, and you may discover more than one thing about yourself.

export chrome history

If you want to export the Google Chrome history, you only need to click on Export These Results although if you installed the extension, you already see and maybe export your history quickly.

Download History Trends Unlimited

Wrapping Up: Save or Export Chrome History

As easy as that you can save or export your Google Chrome history on using two free tools. You can even learn some things about your surfing behaviour. Have you been able to save or export your history? Let me know in the comments section.

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