How to Rotate an Image on Windows 10 [Quick Tip]

Nowadays is very common to have photos taken from smartphones with wrong orientation and sometimes we don’t know how to fix the orientation of these photos easily.

In this tutorial, we will see some ways to rotate an image in Windows 10.

Method #1: Rotate an Image using File Explorer

One of the most practical ways to rotate an image is using the file explorer in Windows 10.

To do this go to the folder where you have the photos and left-click or select your image.

In the menu at the top of the File Explorer, click on Manage. Finally, click on Rotate left or Rotate right to rotate your image.

Method #2: Rotate an Image using Right-Click

This method is straightforward, right click on the image and select Rotate right or Rotate left according to your requirements

Using any of these methods you can rotate your images easily in Windows 10.

You will never have any lousy orientation in your photos.

If your problem isn’t a wrong photo orientation, but a wrong screen orientation, follow these tutorial to learn How to rotate your screen in Windows 10.

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