How to Remove Nero Scout from Windows 10, 8 and 7

Do you have problems with Nero Scout? Well, check this quick tutorial about how to remove Nero Scout easily.

Nero Scout is a multimedia database app included in Nero Burning that provides instant access to multimedia files from any Nero application, Windows Explorer and many standard Windows applications. Most media players use their database to store metadata, and the PC distributes the locations of the media files.

However, Nero Scout is different. It is optimized to provide faster access to multimedia files from all Nero apps. It also allows you to browse media files from Windows Explorer or from almost any app you want.

remove nero scout

All this sounds great, but things don’t always work out the way they should. Nero Scout adds some processes at the start of Windows to run on the operating system boot, including NmBgMonitor.exe and NMFirstStart.exe, which can occasionally trap too many system resources and slow it down too much. Nero Scout has also been reported as causing all kinds of problems in Windows and in Nero itself.

If you are experiencing problems with any of these processes, you may want to know what steps to take to disable Nero Scout.

How Works Nero Scout?

The program is an indexer of multimedia files. Once started, it keeps working in a resident manner, continually looking for a new MP3 multimedia file, photo or video to index it and spending precious resources of the operating system. When it finds such a file, it adds it to its internal database. The database is used by other Nero programs, such as Wave Editor, Burning ROM, and PhotoSnap.

The only purpose for the database is to offer you a faster and more convenient way to access these multimedia files, without having to navigate the folders on your hard drive. Very practical without a doubt, but is it worth it to waste so many resources in each moment to save yourself a few seconds from time to time? Unless you are a fan of Nero programs and use it very often, you probably do not need Nero Scout services.

Steps to Remove Nero Scout

The first step is to disable Nero Scout via its interface. To do so, you must double click on the My Computer icon, then right-click on the Nero Scout icon and enter the options. There click on the option Enable Nero Scout to disable entirely.

disable nero scout

If the problems have not been solved by restarting the computer, harder ways can be used. To do this, click on the Start button, then on Run or simple press Winkey + R

There copy and paste the following command:

regsvr32 /u “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll”

Click on OK and restart the computer and you will disable Nero Scout.

Wrapping Up: Remove Nero Scout

As easy as that you can remove Nero Scout to avoid some errors that this software brings to your system.

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