2 Easy Ways to Remote Desktop Mac to PC

In this opportunity, we will see how we can remote desktop windows 10 from macOS Sierra using some free tools.

Method #1: Remote Desktop without Software

In the first place, we will see how to connect from macOS Sierra to our Windows 10 computer and for that we must perform a series of steps so that everything works correctly.

This step is vital to allow connections from other computers to be enabled in Windows 10 because otherwise, it will give us an error about the connection since this is a critical security issue.

  1. In Windows 10, open System Properties
  2. To open System Properties, right-click on This PC and select Properties
  3. There click on System Protection
  4. Finally, go to the Remote Tab, and active the option Allow remote connection this computer and check the box below that option

To remote desktop between macOS Sierra and Windows 10, we must install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store; the tool is free.

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop and click on the New button.

There you must enter the information of the computer to connect, for this, we can use the ipconfig command in Windows 10 to know the IP address

With this information, we complete the wizard and enter credentials to access Windows 10.

To start the connection press the Start button and we will see that it starts the connection process between macOS Sierra and Windows 10.

Some prompt will appears telling you about certificates, click on Continue to finally remote desktop your computer.

We can see how easy it is to implement Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect between macOS Sierra and Windows 10 computers.

Method #2: Remote Desktop using TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most used and complete tools that are used worldwide for remote connection tasks thanks to its versatility, security, and efficiency.

To download TeamViewer officially go to the following link:

Download TeamViewer

So, you need to install and start TeamViewer and in both computers Mac and Windows.

On Windows write down the ID number and password:

On your Mac computer, type the ID number and click on Connect to partner

Finally, type your password to connect to your Windows 10 from macOS.

As easy as that you can remote desktop between macOS Sierra and Windows 10 effectively and securely.

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