Differences Between Public, Private & Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Do you want to learn whats means public, private and unlisted videos on Youtube? Well, I will explain on this post.

The default mode when uploading a video to YouTube is Public. That is, anyone can see it. From that, you can change privacy settings for your videos to Hidden or Private easily and do it at the time of upload or in the videos that are already uploaded.

When uploading a video on Youtube, the privacy option is shown where you can choose between Public, Unlisted, Scheduled or Private.

youtube change privacy

To modify a video that has already been uploaded, go to Youtube Studio > Videos and click on the Visibility option under the video you want to change and choose between (Public, Private, Unlisted)

The types of videos on YouTube according to privacy are the following:

Public Videos

youtube public videos

First, videos are set by default in public. This means that when uploading a video, and without touching any extra option, said video would be public. Anyone, subscribed or not to your channel, can see the video and it will appear in the notifications of your subscribers if they have activated them. Also, anyone can share the video.

The other two modes, unlisted and private, are designed to grant some privacy to the videos.

Private Videos

youtube private videos

You and the users can only see a private video you choose by sending them a Gmail request.

It will not appear on your channel or searches; it will be invisible to other users.

Remember that you will not be able to watch a private Youtube video if it is not yours or the creator has sent you the link.

I have read many supposed tricks on the Internet about how to watch a private Youtube video but they are a lie, and they do it to get you on their websites.

The private video option is the best option to upload your videos to Youtube so you can optimize the title, description, tags, and settings before it is published.

Unlisted Videos

youtube unlisted videos

People who have the link can see an unlisted video.

Users who visit the Videos tab of your channel will not see unlisted videos, nor will they appear in YouTube search results unless someone adds them to a public playlist.

To share an unlisted video, you have to share the link with the people you want to see it.

Unlike what happens with private videos, you can share hidden videos with anyone (you don’t need to have a Gmail account).

Any user who has the link can, in turn, share it in different ways (for example, forward the link).

If you don’t want anyone to share your video, change its status to Private.

If your account has copyright problems, the option of unlisted videos may not be shown.

Scheduled Videos

scheduled videos youtube

A scheduled video will be public on the date and time you choose.

To schedule, it may not have been published previously. Unlisted videos are considered published.

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