How to Fix PS4 Keeps Turning OFF By Itself

Your PS4 keeps turning off while you are playing? Well, in this post, I will show you some of the best methods to fix this annoying error.

By now, many of you have likely suffered a PS4 error. From the famous blue light of death to the various error codes, through the classic “PS4 turns off by itself”, none have escaped the occasional scare with the Sony console.

Sometimes, however, solving a PS4 error is much simpler than you imagine, and it isn’t even necessary to go to the technical serviceç to continue playing.

Below, I will show you some of the best ways that you can fix a PS4 that keeps turning off by itself.

Error #1: Blue Light Flashes

One of the best known and problematic error is named blue light of death in honour of the famous red light that affected Xbox 360.

As the name implies, pressing the power button, the blue light flashes for a few seconds, until The console and LED turn off, preventing any operation. In short, your PS4 turns off by itself, and you can do nothing.

ps4 keeps turning off

Some ways that you can fix this error are the following:

Solution #1: The problem could be on the TV, and not on the console. If you have a modern television, try to update it to the latest firmware version. If it doesn’t work, connect the PS4 to another TV to ensure.

Solution #2: Also check that the HDMI cable is correctly connected and that the connectors aren’t damaged (if possible, also try connecting the console with another HDMI cable).

Solution #3: Another possible solution for the blue light of death is to press and hold the PS4 power button for 7 seconds and release when you hear a double beep.

safe mode

In this way, you will enter the PS4 safe mode, and you can select from a range of options: change the resolution, update, default settings, rebuild the database and initialize.

If this doesn’t work, disconnect the power adapter and check carefully for damage. Also, you should check that the internal hard drive of the console doesn’t show any damage because that can be another reason for the PS4 keeps turning OFF.

Error #2: Red Lights

This error is very similar to the previous one (in fact, there are already those who know it as the red light of death): in the middle of a game or when turning on, the red/orange light flashes several times, accompanied by three beeps, and the console is turned off by itself.

ps4 keeps turning off

Solution #1: This problem is due to the overheating of PS4, and can occur especially in hot weather. The first thing you should do is make sure that the console is properly turned off to disconnect all cables. Let it rest for several minutes (if possible in a cool place) until it cools and reconnects it.

Solution #2: It is also highly recommended that PlayStation 4 be placed in an open area and that there are no objects that obstruct the fan outputs (rear and side).

Try not to leave it on surfaces such as carpets and that it isn’t too close to walls or other objects, or else the fans could malfunction and, sooner or later, you will suffer this error.

Error #3: PS4 Keeps Turning Off By Itself

This is a widespread problem that has already affected a large number of users. At any time and, without prior notice, PS4 turns itself off, and sometimes it isn’t possible to turn it on again.

On many occasions, this error ends up leading to one of the lights of death.

ps4 blue light of death

Solution #1: In the vast majority of cases, this is usually due to an overheating problem. It is essential to carry out as soon as possible the methods for the red light of death. If you have had the console for a long time in a poorly ventilated place, check that there is no fluff on the fans (you can do it by blowing on them).

Solution #2: However, this error may not have to be related to overheating and may be due to very different reasons. So you can try the solutions for the deadlights above.

Solution #3: You can also try to access the Safe Mode and rebuild the database, reinstall the system software or completely format the console in case it is a software problem.

Error #4: PS4 Turning ON by Itself

This is another error that can happen on your console, suddenly your PS4 turns on and eject the disc.

ps4 keeps turning off

Solution #1: For now, this is one of the most mysterious errors and whose solution isn’t entirely clear. Some users have managed to avoid the problem by carefully cleaning the power button and ejecting PS4 discs. As you know, both buttons are very sensitive to touch, and dirt could be the leading cause of the problem.

Solution #2: Another possible solution is to place the console in an upright position. If this didn’t work, it could be due to a software problem, so you will have to boot the safe mode and move with different options.

Wrapping Up

On the methods above, I want to help you to fix your PS4 when keeps turning off by itself, and you can’t continue playing.

Remember to be careful following the steps above. I hope you could fix your problem, if you have any question about this tutorial, please let me know in the comments section.

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