5+ Photoshop Detector To Detect if Photoshop Image Fake

Do you want to detect if the Image is Photoshop fake or not? Well, check this list of some photoshop detector for fake photos.

In the digital age, the value that images charge makes identifying those that have been manipulated is fundamental. Students, interested and professionals in the photography career can take advantage of this knowledge. Just pay attention to some details to make a quick evaluation of an image.

On Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on publicity on public roads, on TV and in all kinds of online ads. You are used to having contact with images throughout the day. In many occasions, you take them as real, when in reality they aren’t.

Image manipulation is a practice as real as old. However, thanks to new technologies there are new possibilities when it comes to transforming an image. These practices can’t only sell messages impossible to achieve, as in the case of models with extremely slender bodies, but also can convey misconceptions and utterly false.

To detect when an image is photoshop fake, it is not necessary to be an expert in photography. Just pay attention to some details and primary signals to, in a matter of minutes, determine if an image has received some manipulation or not.

Would you like to be able to perform this task on your own? I will show you websites and apps that help you to identify photoshop fake images.

1. Forensically

forensically photoshop detector

Forensically is a photoshop fake detector and web tool explicitly designed to detect alterations in a photograph.

Its list of functions allows you to see digital retouching in any image you upload to this page: magnifying glass, detection of the Photoshop clone function, noise analysis, access to metadata and geolocation labels.

Forensically has up to a total of twelve ways to detect false images when viewing elements that have been added or retouched later.

2. Google Images

google images

With Forensically you can perform a thorough analysis of a photograph, but you may not want to complicate yourself that much.

Another way to detect false images is to find the original file that gave rise to the falsification or retouching.

Previously I talked about search engines in reverse, such as Google Images, which allows you to find images similar to one that you provide as evidence.

That is, instead of looking for a combination of words, upload an image or provide a link and Google Images will show approximate results that you can filter with the available options.

It is likely that, with Google Images, you can see the original image or merely the page where that photograph was initially published. So you will dismantle the counterfeit.

3. TinEye


Another reverse image finder that will be very useful is TinEye. Like Google Images, you upload a photo and TinEye will show you identical or approximate results.

This way you will see if the photograph you have in hand is original, has been retouched or was published merely out of context.

4. FotoForensics

fotoforensics photoshop detector

Going back to the analysis tools, FotoForensics is photoshop detector that looks for retouched aspects of an image that you upload in JPEG or PNG format or of which you know its online link.

FotoForensics is simpler than Forensically. It is limited to displaying metadata, analyzing image noise and JPEG compression.

The images you upload are public, and you can share the result of the analysis through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Reddit. A quick and practical way to unmask false images and share the result with other Internet users.

5. Find EXIF Data

find exif data

Another way to detect photoshop fake images is with Find EXIF Data that let you get the EXIF metadata of your photographs. You have to indicate the link where the image is hosted.

What is the EXIF data for? This information indicates when and how the photograph was taken, with which camera or device and other technical data such as GPS position, exposure time, whether or not Flash was used, ISO speed and aperture, etc. In some cases, you will even see if the image has been retouched with other software.

6. Image Edited?

image edited

Is your image edited? This is the question asked by Image Edited, another efficient photoshop detector that analyzes a photo and gives you the EXIF data of the image for you to decide.

As in the previous case, it is up to you to interpret the data and decide whether or not there is a retouch in the photograph.

7. Izitru

izutru photoshop detector

This service has been discontinued

Izitru is a photoshop detector which serves as a photo analyzer where you can upload your photographs and detect false images.

So, on the one hand, you can upload images and share them from a link and, on the other hand, you can analyze JPEG photos to discern if it is a lie or the picture is as it was taken with the camera.

Unlike previous services, Izitru takes time to perform the analysis. In the end, it will show you its results indicating the level of credibility of the image.

Although Izitru doesn’t specify precisely what tests it performs, it is usually entirely accurate, showing when and where the photograph was taken correctly.

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So far those were the best image photoshop fake detector that you can use to detect if an image is a photoshop fake or not.

Do you use another tool to detect fake images? Let me know in the comments section.

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